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Some builder 2 voice sound files missing

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Console errors on main SVN trunk. Some builder 2 voice sound files missing:


'sound/voices/builders/builder2/ai_states/ builder2_toalert2h_4.ogg'

'sound/voices/builders/builder2/battle_general/ builder2_flee_1.wav'

'sound/voices/builders/builder2/builde2_greeting_1. wav'

'sound/voices/builders/builder2/builde2_greeting_2. wav'

'sound/voices/builders/builder2/builde2_greeting_3. wav'

'sound/voices/builders/builder2/find_states/ builder2_find_dead_1.wav'

'sound/voices/builders/builder2/find_states/ builder2_find_unconcious.wav'

'sound/voices/builders/builder2/find_states/ builder2_notice_suspicious_1.wav'











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I assume some of these are from patently dangerous? Beware that PD has a custom vocal set in there and I'm not sure whether all of those spawnargs on the custom set are valid ones.

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Yes, I'd be glad if you would. I saw most of the entries were set to 'silence' but I could not see really what was intended and if the names were broke anyway it might as well be disabled. But if you can make sense of it then fine. The file is still there but re-suffixed. I am just about to upload this anyway with a couple of other changes. Be five minutes.

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Going through the sound shader, there are indeed a lot of files missing (I think I even posted about that before, can't quite recall). The builder 2 sound set is rather incomplete, one shader was missing and several shaders were pointing to non-existent files. Many files are saved as WAV.


I guess we need to ship a fixed vocal set and tdm_sound_vocals02.pk4 will be replaced in the next update. I fixed most of the missing sound files and removed non-existent pointers, will commit that to SVN.


If Patently Dangerous is going to be played with TDM 1.00 there will remain some warnings in the console, not a huge deal, just a heads up.

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OK,it's comitting. The vocal sets are still on Harlan & Crattick but I disabled them with "not ..."

Now committing the updated PK4. I re-added the def_vocal_set to Crattick, it should be working again. The console warnings are still there, but at least the vocal set is pointing to the correct sound shaders now.

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