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Hey, I found your site while looking for 3d models from the Theif series to incorporate into my isometric version of the game. I had an Idea (whilst watching Shaolin Soccer no less, great movie btw) to remake Thief: The Dark Project, in my vision, and my vision is isometric, similar to the Diablo series, but far less hack-and-kick-to-death action that those game force you into,and more suspensefull finessant shadow-to-shadow, slice-yur-throat-while-yur-not-looking action that Theif:The Dark Project give you. So, enough hype, heres what I'm Emailing you for. I need sprites.

Ive seen your work and im impressed, just by the concept art of this mod so far, and also by the great job you did putting the theme and feel of Thief into the webpage, and i'd like to use some of that talent in my game. Basically my game will use a sprite-based system like in the Legacy Of Kain games before Soul Reaver and the like, and all i would need are animated GIF files of the models in motion,or without motion at certain angles and facing-directions, i don't need any 3D models, and i won't be editing the GIF files in anyway you don't permit me to, plus , all and any royalties you request will go to you and your developmenet team. So, what do you say?

Thanks in advance.

And for reading this letter you are greatly appreciated.

Regards : Ivan Popov

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yes, but its a bit outdated and not as advanced as the things i deal with now, one of ,my current on-hold projects i can upload momentarily, butits a bit glitchy. i will edit this post with my links.


Old Project


the second link will be up in between half an hour - to an hour, since i need to do some touching up to make the project presentable. i appologize for the wait but it is neccesary.

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Hi there woodsy-lord. Thanks for dropping into the forum. We're still very early in development and a lot of what you see is not even ingame yet. :) At this point in development we really need to focus our resources. Not that your project doesn't sound great, but there is a lot of work left to do before our materials are presentable. Also, we wouldn't want to release the materials before our project is finished. There would be no surprises left for anyone :) As Fingernail pointed out however, you should take a look for Thief 2D and see if you could perhaps join forces with them.





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