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Want To Show Off Muh 1337 Skills

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If you can do good UV mapping you would be more then welcome. Write a PM to New Horizon for details. We have a big number models needed to be skinned and texturing would also be appriciated as we curently have only one dedicated member for textures.


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I checked em out and you've got promise, your normalmaps have a great sense of depth and you don't get any texture crawl cuz they don't match up with the diffuse...but I think you'll need a bit more practice before we can take you on.


You've got a good concept of what needs to be done, but you've gotta add more detail to your textures. Add some rust to the edges of your lockers, give em more detail on the surfaces, try to make em look as cool as possible (without overdoing it). Get some more experience under your belt by working on your own stuff for now, we could have a place for you later.

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