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Missions Won't Stay Installed

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I just downloaed TDM, worked my way through the training, and have started playing my first mission (Tears of Saint Lucia), but I've run into a strange problem, and searching the forums doesn't seem to bring up anyone else having this issue:


I run TDM, click on "New Mission," install the mission I want to play, and TDM restarts with the new mission installed. All that works correctly. But when I quit the mission and quit completely out of TDM, the next time I run TDM, the mission isn't installed anymore. I have to re-install the mission every time (and wait for TDM to restart every time). Of course, once the mission is installed again, my saves are all intact, but if I'm just starting TDM up after having quit, my load/save screen is blank and no mission is installed. I've checked the currentfm.txt file in the darkmod folder, and it seems to show the correct FM (it says "saintlucia," without the quotes).


I also experienced this issue with the training mission, but I assumed at the time that it was just an idiosyncrasy of how the training mission worked, but now that I see it's doing it with regular FMs, I definitely want to find a solution, since it's maddening to have to re-install a mission and wait for the game to restart every time I want to play.


I'm running Windows 7 x64, my copy of Doom3 is via Steam (purchased just a couple of nights ago, so it should be the correctly patched version), and I've got DarkMod version 1.06. I don't know what other specs might be relevant, so if I've left out anything important, let me know.





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Hiya, and welcome to the forums! :)


This cropped up once before on someone running Steam's Doom 3. Take a look in the darkmod directory and see if there's a file called currentfm.txt. If it's there, make sure it's not set to read-only. If there isn't one, create your own blank txt file.


Possibly related: how are you starting up TDM? Are you using the provided tdmlauncher.exe?

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