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TDM updating issues

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I'm trying to update my Darkmod from version... 1.00 to the latest and I get checksum mismatch after downloading file tdm_sound_vocals07.pk4.

Expected: 26c7661 but got 026c7661.

It tries another mirrors but all fail. The process never ends...

I guess the file is OK, but somehow the expected value is missing '0' at the beginning.

Can I skip this file somehow? Or download the latest version from somewhere else maybe?

Or better - could you fix the expected value, so the error does not appear? :D (if this is the cause of the error, of course)




EDIT: OK, It actually skipped after going through all the mirrors. Rest of the files is OK.

But I have another problem. I launched Alberic's Curse and got loads of missing entitie's warnings. The most apparent issues are some textures - one of the tree leaves, some stone texture in the crypt - it shows as glowing and transparent yellow. Then all zombies have builders' head attached around neck in some random angle plus the transparent revenant have the builder's head instead (attached correctly though, but not transparent).

Anyone has experienced these issues? Should the latest version of TDM not be backwards compatible with earlier ones?

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