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Photo Donations?

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So what has it been? Months and months now. Well, at least I have them now. I finally got a chance to go up to Portland and snap some pictures.


A few things before I send them to anyone:


I used my moms digital camera (since I'm poor) and it has this weird slight fish eye lens effect going on. I hope this doesn't make the photos useless. I read somewhere that it can be fixed in photoshop. I just don't know how myself. It's not a really strong effect, but you guys will see what I mean.


Some of these are reference photos but most are texture shots. It was a cloudy day but the sun came out here and there so there's still some shadows.


I had to kinda sneek around to get these photos since they didn't want me hanging around really. Which is so perfect for a Thief mod, that I would have to sneek around. They probably thought I was going to steal their artifacts. Anyway, there's a few pictures that are at angles instead of being straight on, hopefully some can still be made into textures.


Also, what about photo size? These are quite large (2272 x 1704), but that should work well for texture work. I think the texture size for Doom3 is like 1024 x 1024 tops right? Or maybe 512? I don't mind sending the original size ones, that should make it easier. I have 50-60 photos. Including 3 different churches and just a photo reference of a 4th.


Here's some small examples to kinda get the idea of what I took:


I would have put them into the post, but it just gave me an error about dynamic pictures.


Two references:






A texture:




So, where would you like me to send them? You can email me at brad103183@yahoo.com and I'll check back to this thread later.


Also, just in case: The photos linked to in this post may not be used for anything other than viewing. None of these may be used for personal, artistic, or commercial uses, exlcuding TheDarkMod team.

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PS: Your models are looking extremely nice guys. I'm blown away by the mesh and texture quality. This is what the Thief 3 graphics should have been.


Also, if you guys want some help I could make a map or two. I could donate some time between work hours. I have a pretty good grasp of modeling in Maya too, so I wouldn't have to request level specific meshes. I have a lot of ideas for Thief enviroments, but can work well under guidlines. Honestly, I would love to be a part of this.

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Hey guys, those pics in the links show up at about 300x300, so you don't have to download the whole picture to preview it. And they look really nice. The fish-eye thing is a real shame, but it's only noticible on the texture type shots because they are close up. Yeah you could fix this in photoshop, even though it's not an ideal situation.


But the reference image pics are really nice, no fish-eye warping.

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They're great shots...they just need to be bigger.


I usually work with 1024+ picture resolutions when I'm building my textures, makes them easier to edit that way and the end quality is far superior.


I'd go with at least 1280x960 res reference pics, but 1600x1200 is the preferrable choice.

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Yeah those 300 res ones were just for forum purposes. The actual picture files are all 1704x 2272 or vice versa. So, I have them zipped up into several different packages. 7 actually, and each one is slightly under 10 megs a piece. I know Yahoo mail is doing 10 meg file transfers in their email. So, I just need somewhere to send them.


Also, about the level design: I'm really excited about this mod in general. (The more I see and hear, the character shots and the ambient music for instance, it looks like it's going to blow Thief 3 out of the water.) The texture photos took so long because right after I offered to do it, I was thrown into a transition phase I wasn't prepared for (family crisis fun time!). Anyway, I have a steady life now and a good internet connection and all the software I would need to do some level design. If you guys aren't sure of my skills, you could give me a small project as a test and I could produce something for you and you could see what you think. Either way you wouldn't lose anything. Also there's a link in the beginning of this thread to my HL2:DM map, but keep in mind that was on a month time line, so I didn't have much time to build, plus the time to learn BSP editing. Even if it was just one map you wanted for the single player campaign I would be happy to do it.


Anyway, let me know where to send the photos.


Edit: Just for the hell of it, here's some more previews. Remember these are only 300 x 400 for forum purposes.




Another wall






Wall apex


Thanks guys.


The photos linked to in this post may not be used for anything other than viewing. None of these may be used for personal, artistic, or commercial uses, exlcuding TheDarkMod team.

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