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blocking a door with a lever

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Just got Biker's stove model in game, the door opens and I have a def attached handle for it.


The stove body has an L shaped bracket that the lever goes behind. I want the lever to block to door opening unless the player has flipped the lever.


I know this has been done but can't recall which map. Does it require some kind of frob peer or scripting? I thought the physics would just take care of it.


I'd ultimately like to have the lever spawn attached to the door and ready to go so we don't get weird map issues with unaware authors.

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I'm not certain but if you mean like a latch or bolt that works like a real bolt to block a door then I did something like that in Heart on the door at the top of the spiral stairs. This is what I did:


Create a small brush and assign it:



frob 0

bind <doorname>


I made mine a small metal plate but I guess it could be invisible caulk I'm not sure.

Position it on the face of the door that opens out and block it with eg, another mover that can be slid across to obstruct it. I made a tiny patch bolt and made it a door with silent opening etc. I also put an iron loop staple on the door for it to slide into but that is just cosmetic - only the moveable junk blocks the door when it hits the mover obstruction.

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