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I've finally gotten around to trying to experience T2 fan missions. I've installed Darkloader and picked a few missions to try. I followed all the basic instructions for installing it, but after I pick a FM to play, Darkloader unzips it, the T2 loading screen comes up for a few seconds, and then I get "Unknown Error".


Now, even when I try to load T2 independently I get the same error. Anyone know what the problem might be?

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Try going into darkloader again, click on Thief2 (original) and click Install.


If Thief 2 plays ok again now, then the problem could be with the FM.

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I tried it with two different FMs and got the same problem, but I'll check.


edit: nope, same problem "Open File Error: Unexpected Error"


Guess I'll have to reinstall.


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