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New issue with Win10 / Nvidia

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This appears to directly affect TDM (or, rather, the "kind of dark mod now").

Win10 pro, v.10.0.15063 Build 15063.726
Nvidia 388.31 (15/11/17 or 11/15/17 for you yanks) - despite this was the same version I already had from October.

Win10 updates on this day were KB4849011 and KB4048954

Something about these updates and / or the new Nvidia drivers has seriously up a lot of older games.
But made newer games look better...

Perhaps in how either DX and/or shader models are being handled.

Colour lookup table is not being taken from system - is a "blank canvas".

Cannot re-create previous "look" no matter what settings for brightness / gamma / contrast.

Also, Nvidia DSR (ie, squeezing 4k resolution down into 1920x1080) now totally screws TDM.
Can't even get onto the menu to change the resolution to native.

Had to fix resolution down to native via config files.

Have noticed issue in several older games, notably Farcry2.

Game appears bleached out, unless xml edited to start game in windowed mode and and alt+enter to make full screen, resolution changed back up to native or 3840×2160 for DSR, DX 10. No vibrance. Some contrast can cause black spots, specular and shadow-cast affected. Draw distance for certain things (eg, certain lamps) has changed.

Splinter Cell appears to be more vibrant, have higher contrast (very dark shadows and very bright lights).

Inside TDM, this has resulted in some very weak shadows with very sharp edges.
Can be difficult to discern light/dark areas (esp. for players like me who play without light-gem)

Colours are more vivid, that's for certain.

Screenshots appear normal - it is only "live" that this occours (like the migraines it induces).
Same for all the games.

Worse, it's affected colour reproduction in many graphics applications.
Either that or my screen is broken and my printer profile has decided to turn 50 shades of darker in the past few days.

For some reason it's also thinking I have two wacom tablets attached to the machine, instead of one...

Think it's windows more than Nvidia... Icon cache is screwed on desktop - need to f5 to see new files. File explorer windows are resized after exiting affected application / game. Some processes need killing through task manager and refuse to exit...

Might nuke the installation - no-one else appears to have noticed it.

Checking if anyone else has (win10 insider with nvidia 980ti that used to have perfect colour profile).

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Thank nbhor1more - I've tried the stuff mentioned in guru3d forums and also spoken with Nvidia about the issue - they've no idea... Ended up fixing the illustrator / photoshop stuff myself while Nahoor was reading the manual...

I'll try out the colour depth thing - there's definitely some weird lights that flash up every now and then, in older games.

The HDR thing oughtn't be an issue...

Getting screen tearing scrolling up and down in browsers or pdfs. Something's definitely weird...

Can't figure why stuff is fine in windowed, but not fullscreen.

At least black is black, white is white, RGB is RGB, by my eye...

Shame about the games.


// i think i just made it worse... it's like the light at the end of the tunnel...

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"Microsoft Colour Management System"

! The Devices pages have been refreshed due to a hardware change.


Win10 strikes again. Graphics drivers are trying to keep up - they've updated 3 times this week, it reports.

Windows minimising, switching between sizes at random.

Guess it's a temporary bug.

Teach me to sign up to stupid "insider" bullshit and "beta" drivers and stuff.

Models popping in and out... windows resizing.

Interestingly - I punched the machine and it appeared to bring the vibrance back to Farcry 2.

Don't think windows is recognising the hardware - nothing's changed, yet it keeps telling me the devices page has been refreshed due to a hardware change.

Moral of the story - grab the lube and bite the pillow, Bill Gates is on his way to teh party.
I can't even type more than 1 letter into the run bar... D... D... D... No, I want DCCW... C?

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Heh, yeah:)

But - never paid for a copy of legit windows ever...
Still got about a dozen unused (pretty much useless) win 7 pro keys from angler delivering what ended up known as "poweliks" for establishing zombie bot-nets and demonstrating a big gap in build. Plus the aurelius BSOD / bot-net incident, which needed clearing up.

Must've been 5-6 years ago... so that works out at... about £2 a day for the past 5 years, for actually doing something other than allowing them to remotely collect data on how they break my machine..?
Of which I've used less than 10% and hasn't actually put anything in my pocket.

Should probably opt out of it. Don't really bother looking at stuff any more. Got better things to do than lose a day and a ream of paper recalibrating every colour profile on the machine...

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