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Need some way to display proper map based on player's location

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Good day Dark mod team,

There has been a persistent issue I've been having while playing a variety of different campaigns: maps. Whenever you have 4+ pieces of map, and you have to press map button multiple times to get the one you need within a short time interval, it becomes really grating on me.


I'm not sure how the game is designed, but I have a basic idea to resolve this issue.


Create a rectangular object like Map1_location, which would cover a specific section of the map (e.g. first/second floor of the manor, outside, overall). Whenever player presses Map button, game checks in which location object the player is and shows a proper map, instead of scrolling through each map every time.


If there are maps you can get mid level (WS2 for example), and you don't current'y possess the map of your location, pressing M would either display overall map (if exists), or static image "no map of the current location".


The idea and implementation might vary, but I really think something needs to be done about the multi-map for better player experience.

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There is a location system that can be used for such a purpose. I've used it for my automap script. It is however a per mission implementation thing, so mappers would have to actively add it to their mission.

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