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Generic Townsfolk

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Here are some concept sketches for average, everyday townsfolk. These people are meant to pretty much blend into the background, so their outfits are fairly simple. Of course, they can also be used anywhere else generic characters are needed, like off-duty guards, lower class party guests, servants, etc.


I've tried to keep the designs similar to each other so that they can be modeled pretty easy. More to come later.


And if anyone is keeping track, these are based on 16th century fashion, mostly Flemish designs.






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These will do for the other character modelers when they can be arsed doing some more.

For generic people like these, I prefer to model from photographs of real people wearing real historical costume, so I can get the most accurate detail in both model and texture.

Civillisation will not attain perfection until the last stone, from the last church, falls on the last priest.

- Emil Zola


character models site

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Ok, Corth has signed on to do these two townsfolk models.


#1 Hood and shoulder cape with scalloped edges. Dark green coloured. Tunic is brownish-orange, thicker material, buttoned up the front with leather clasps and bone buttons. Tunic hem is orange. Leather strap tied around waist. Dark pants. Leather wraps around wrists and calves, tan coloured with thick clasps. Dark leather shoes.


#2 Shoulder cape is made of rough woollen material, dark colour

Tunic is earth tone in colour, ragged sleeves. Simple, dark-coloured hose with thick stitching. Leather shoes and hat. Clothing well worn with stains and patches.


I'll include more detailed versions of the hats later.

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