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Size of size text in DR

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Is there a way to make the "size" text (shows how big things are when you select them) larger?

My old eyes are having a tougher time digging the size values out of all the objects drawn in the area on the orth screen.


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Currently, no, it's hard-coded. And worse than hard-coded, there's actually only one size available for the whole application to draw with, so it's not even possible for different parts of the interface to use differently-sized text.

I too find the text too small (and I'm only 38), and I did very slightly increase it in one of my local commits while working on renderer-related tasks, but it would be nice to fix this properly so that users could configure whatever size they found most readable.

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2 hours ago, peter_spy said:

Does it scale with windows font scaling? I do have it set to 125%, but I don't remember how it looked at 100%.

As far as I know it's just a fixed pixel size (not a point size) so I doubt it will scale with Windows font scaling, although it might scale if there is a global DPI scale which also affects the wxGLCanvas widget.

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13 hours ago, peter_spy said:

I can confirm that it scales with Windows font scaling.

100% on the left, 125% on the right.

I think you're looking at the text in menus and the console window, which should indeed scale.

Grayman is talking about the text on OpenGL windows, e.g. for the grid coordinates and the size of selected objects. In your screenshot this text can be seen at the bottom of the 3D view showing render statistics, and this does appear to be the same size in both images.

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