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trigger hurt not toggleable


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As per title.  trigger_hurt has a spawnarg "on" with values  1 or 0, so at map start will be on or off, and in game it may be triggered off or on, respectively.  But only once.  I've found no way to allow the thing to be toggled again.   It goes "off->on", but won't go "off->on->off".  

This, although to my untutored eyes it seems like everything's there for the usual toggleable entity, just like a switchable light. But that the original coder for trigger_hurt went the extra distance and "fixed" this by disabling the toggle after a single use.

Is there a way to get around this.  

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My trigger_hurt can be toggled. I've got a brazier post that you can climb up on. The flame starts out lit, so the trigger_hurt is on. If you douse the flame, the trigger_hurt turns off, and if you relight it, it turns off (this is accomplished by adding "target=trigger_hurt_1" spawn arg to the flame). I can douse and light the flame back and forth several times, and it works.

What are the details of what you are trying to do? How do you activate the trigger_hurt?

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Thanks, joebarnin.  Yes, your fire-hurt setup works like a charm and I'll be using it in several places now.

The setup I was having a problem with required directly targeting the trigger_hurt on/off from a trigger_multiple, and also from a func_static set frobable.  The triggers also set other actions, doors, removed entities.

In my recent test map it seems that a trigger_once works to toggle it, a second trigger_once will toggle it back, and I suppose that a third would do the same.  However, a trigger_multiple doesn't work at all (in my test setup at any rate), not even once.  My in-game setup was using a func_static set frobable.  This worked to trigger other related events but didn't work on the trigger_hurt.  Likewise when I reproduced a simplified version in my test map it didn't work, just like the trigger_multiple.  

By changing the frobable func_static to a mover_button  the trigger_hurt toggling properly, on/off/on/off, as with the fire-hurt.

This is enough info for me to get a good in-game setup working, so thanks again.  

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