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Tile Floors Don't Increase Volume When Running?


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I've been tinkering with sounds here and there and I noticed that tile floors don't get louder when running. I've always thought it was strange that tile was so quiet, and this is likely one reason why. I'm not sure if this is intended, but I've made a video showing it by changing stone and tile to the same sounds.


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I think someone modded this before but it never made it into the official game. I always thought that footsteps were not beefy enough compared to Thief. Even Thief Deadly Shadows had oomfier sounds. In TDM it's always a hit & miss:


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I actually like those new sounds. They seem detailed and realistic, and sound like you are actually walking around on real surfaces with fairly heavy boots.

The only one which doesn't work for me is the stone jumping — to me it sounds more like a kitchen cabinet being shut rather than an actual jump, and seems to have no consistency with the stone walking footsteps (which are very good).

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I'm not really talking about the sound files and more about something in the game isn't making tile floors increase volume when being run on, which is why I set stone and tile to the same sounds to show it off. The sounds get louder when I run on the stone, but don't when I run on the tile.

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