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  1. Config file: After a few more tests I think I've pinpointed the procedure that causes it. I can get it 100% of the time like this: Start up a mission that still has the loading error I posted before (CoS1) Right after getting the error load up Arena After the "Press Attack to start" screen it will crash
  2. I should probably go update that. Windows 10 Home version 1803. Edit: updated my driver but I can still perform the crash.
  3. Finally happened again. Here's the log from Arena.
  4. They were both fresh installs since 2.07. No save loads. Strangely after I changed the log settings I can't seem to recreate it. I'll keep the log settings up just in case it happens again. I keep my TDM installation next to my Thief installations, "C:\Games\The Dark Mod" No admin requirements needed to create a text file or delete things. I use Windows 10.
  5. I've got a couple issues to report. Some missions such as "Arena" and "Accountant 1: Thieves and Heirs" crash after the "Press "Attack" to start the mission" screen. This seems to only happen on the initial run and will not crash when I try starting the mission again after the crash. Installing another mission and the reinstalling problem missions causes the crash again, though. This seems to only happen on the 64-bit version. There is a second issue that makes some missions unplayable. I get an error saying "Script object 'numberweel' not found in entity 'idMover_atdm:numberwheel_small_275'" on missions such as "CoS1: Pearls and Swine" and "Mission of Mercy" during the loading screen. This happens on both 32 and 64-bit. Both these issues don't seem to happen on 2.06. It happens on both an upgrade from 2.06 and a clean install of 2.07.
  6. Really great and high quality mission, I can tell a lot of work was put into it and I enjoyed it a lot. I'm not sure if it's just me or not because it seems like nobody else has mentioned it in this thread, but aren't the footfalls a bit quiet? On my normal volume settings it sounded like there weren't any at all, especially on the metal pipes which seems like they're even quieter than stone and wood. It seems like the noise levels are still the same, so AI still reacts to the footfalls the same as usual. I guess this isn't really a problem for veterans, but it's still a bit jarring and it'd be pretty confusing for people who are newer to the game. I'm looking forward to the next part.
  7. I think being able to hear the sound levels is the best way to handle it, but right now that's not really the case with some sounds. Specifically, Tile sounds way quieter than stone, very similar too. Wood and snow also sound a bit too loud. Water sounds a bit quiet. Granted I don't know the exact noise levels of these, but I'm mostly going by my experience with them and from Thief's noise levels. I love The Dark Mod, but the sounds I think are the weakest point right now. I'm not a sound designer, but if you compare Thief's tile to TDM's, you can tell immediately that tile is a very loud surface in Thief because of both the volume and the echo it has. TDM's metal sounds fine with this, gravel too. If I were to say one more thing I'd like to see in TDM, it'd be T3's wall sliding because often it's easy to bump into guards in narrow corridors. Though I don't think that's as important as the sounds getting tweaked.
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