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  1. I've been playing with this and the player lantern really works nicely with this. It lights up areas that the lantern alone couldn't light up very well such as small nooks and cupboards, as well as making the general area feel brighter and easier to see. Even if this doesn't get support for every light, I'd support at least the player lantern getting this treatment.
  2. I just noticed wood has the same problem. It doesn't get louder when you run on it, just like tile.
  3. I'm not really talking about the sound files and more about something in the game isn't making tile floors increase volume when being run on, which is why I set stone and tile to the same sounds to show it off. The sounds get louder when I run on the stone, but don't when I run on the tile.
  4. I've been tinkering with sounds here and there and I noticed that tile floors don't get louder when running. I've always thought it was strange that tile was so quiet, and this is likely one reason why. I'm not sure if this is intended, but I've made a video showing it by changing stone and tile to the same sounds.
  5. Just tried it and the stone ones are just perfect for what I wanted sound-wise.
  6. I decided to spend some time to quickly edit the sounds. I couldn't do much with the stone footsteps other than lower their volume and trim out the really bad ones (01 and 05).
  7. If it really bothers you that they would be edited compressed sound files, then I won't bother. I could ask you the same question. I have no idea how you could think TDM's stone and tile footsteps sound similar to Thief's at all. Thief's stone footsteps are a softer sound and have less of a strong impact feel than TDM's which is grainy and has a harder impact with no follow through with a sliding sound. Thief's tile footsteps have a higher pitch than TDM's, but also it has a little reverb onto it to give it that "loud echo" feel. It's less about the loudness of the sounds and more about the pitch and reverb that gives the tile the loud feeling it has in Thief. Maybe bricks rubbing together was the wrong word for it, but you can tell when you compare Thief's almost whisper like stone footsteps and TDM's stone stomping that it sounds off.
  8. I'd probably try manipulating the sounds before recording new ones, and I'd attempt to do it myself, but I have no idea where the sound files are stored, and I'd need a list of footsteps showing their noise levels. I'm also no sound designer so if I can't make anything good out of it, I'll probably give up on my end because recording new sounds is out of my reach.
  9. If there is something that needs to be changed with the footsteps, it's the sounds. At the moment they don't properly convey the noise level. A few I can name off the top of my head are: tile sounds quieter than stone, stone sounds like two bricks rubbing against each other, and wading through water sounds like swishing your hand through a filled sink. Tile is definitely the worst of the lot though. If you compare with Thief, as soon as you hear the slappy tappy tile footstep you know "oh shit, this is loud," while the TDM tile footstep sounds like a dull tap that can even be hard to distinguish from stone sometimes.
  10. Kicking in doors works as well with the game thematically as a submachine bow and quips about balls of steel. Well hey, if we're taking inspiration from Postal, how about the ability to unzip your pants and piss on torches to put them out too? If you want to make Corbin Nukem in your own FM, that's fine because there's some great joke FMs out there for Thief, but it's not something that works well with every other FM. If breaking down doors is something that does get put into the game, it should be a breakable flag such as how Thief uses, but no kicking, that's just silly. (Even then, nobody breaks down doors in Thief anyway.) At least the mic idea was founded on the focus of sound in the game, it just was just redundant and not relevant to 90% of the players. As for the ice, T3 actually had similar with oil slicks. I'm unsure if TDM can handle bringing a character back up after they've been ragdolled, but that would be a cool trap (though, redundant with the flash bomb so it's not really necessary). T3 tends to get overlooked (for good reason) but it did have some nice stuff.
  11. TDM doesn't have a limited inventory so I'm not sure what crafting would really add. I know I tend to be a naysayer, but adding things due to spur of the moment ideas and novelty seeking is what leads to bloat. In T1 there was a mission where you had to make a holy symbol for a ghost, but it was a part of the mission and wasn't just having a bunch of miscellaneous items clutter in your inventory so you can get a roundabout reservoir of water arrows. Consumable item crafting would just add extra tedium to the current method of getting more consumable items, picking them up in the map. The best implementation of this would be for each of the base resources to make multiple kinds of consumables, and for the FM maker to carefully curate the number of base resources, so the player has to pick and choose if he wants to make more of one item or another, making the consumable items still limited. This doesn't address the issue some of the other people in this thread have with the limited resources, but managing limited resources is a major aspect of TDM and Thief. However, even with this best implementation, it's still adding little more than tedium to an established mechanic in the game, picking up consumables in the map. Also, why do you want TDM to be a disposable AAA game?
  12. How long ago was this because I know I doused a torch guard in 2.9. I can't test it in 2.10 because the mission I remember doing it on isn't supported yet.
  13. I'm not sure this would add anything really. Assuming something stupid like your own keyboard doesn't trigger it, you would probably need to be talking to trigger it. But, nobody really babbles to themselves while playing games, and the people who do are recording it for other people. I don't think most people would want to listen to asmr whispers (or worse, long segments of dead air) while watching a let's play or stream.
  14. You get diminishing returns from applying white to already bright colors, that's why I set it to black. White doesn't actually solve what the outline is supposed to solve.
  15. I went with black. A:1.5 RBG:0. The outline only kicks in when the background is bright, and when it's dark, it's still there but harder to see, but the object highlight kicks in instead.
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