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Can't compile latest: Cannot open include file: 'PatchConstants.h'

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Trying the latest code and it fails,


Severity    Code    Description    Project    File    Line    Suppression State
Error    C1083    Cannot open include file: 'PatchConstants.h': No such file or directory (compiling source file ..\..\radiantcore\patch\algorithm\Prefab.cpp)    DarkRadiantCore    C:\source_code\darkradiant_svn\DarkRadiant\radiantcore\patch\Patch.h    11


I cleaned up all unversioned files and VS2022 downloaded latest windeps and extracted them. Everything seems to work fine.


I always assumed I'd taste like boot leather.


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So interesting.

I use TortoiseGit, so I normally do a GitSync->Pull.

Well it says everything is fine, but that file is missing. I deleted the radiantcore/patch directory, did another gitsync, but it didn't restore it like I'm used to with SVN.

So I used the repo browser to drag and drop the patch directory and now I have all the correct files, but I'm assuming now that directory won't be included in gitsync?

I always assumed I'd taste like boot leather.


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Sync or pull doesn't restore any files that have been locally deleted. You need to use "Git > Revert...".

(Or alternatively Git > Checkout "master" (with force) or Git > Reset (hard) to restore your working copy to a committed revision.)

The repo-browser is ok to restore specific files manually, but Git > Revert is better.

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