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DarkRadiant 3.9.0 released

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I am not sure is my issue a really bug, but... I post it any way:

after git pull and compiling still get 3.8.0.... in About menu
however git pulling (and git log) show me switching to 3.9.0 ver

in include/version.h:

#include <config.h>
#define RADIANT_VERSION "3.9.0"

but config.h have 3.8.0...
which take versions from @CMAKE_PROJECT_VERSION@
which was set to 3.8.0 in CMakeLists.txt

so it's looks like CMakeLists.txt was forgotten to update 

Again! sorry if its false alarm 0:-)

P.S. I am on linux

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I've made a PR with some fixes required to release the Flatpak version, including a fix for the version number in CMakeLists.txt.

I've pushed the updates to flathub, so the new version should show up there once their scripts pick it up.

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