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Change out what AI eats


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This will surely be seen as a silly, easy question, but I want to change the model that gets spawned when the AI eats stuff. I believe all the animations are stored in "tdm_ai_guard_proguard_devel.def" and here I have found the carrot animation and thought it would be easy to just exchange the carrot for ex a muffin but no, not so fast, DeTeEff. I guess I'll have to create some kind of def file for my FM but exactly what do I put there? Do I have to copy a whole AI definition and add the muffinanimation or can I just add the muffin somehow?


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Okay. I got it this far:

I'll write a list so another noobs, like myself, can follow:

1. Create a custom.def in your def folder

2. insert this

model CUSTOMNAME_tdm_ai_priest

inherit        tdm_ai_proguard

mesh        models/md5/chars/builders/priest/builderpriestmesh.md5mesh

channel torso ( *Spine_Dummy)
channel legs ( origin Pelvis Pelvis2 *Hips)


  anim idle_eat_muffin        models/md5/chars/guards/proguard/idle_eat02.md5anim    //reaches out to table and eats food
        frame 1 object_call syncLegsWithTorso
       frame 21            attach atdm:moveable_food_muffin muffin hand_r
        frame 48    sound_voice tdm_crunch
        frame 125    sound_voice tdm_crunch
        frame 130        destroy  muffin


3. Then add the spawnarg 'model'    'CUSTOMNAME_tdm_ai_priest' to your muffin eating man.

4. Target him to a path_anim with the spawnarg 'anim'        'idle_eat_muffin'

You may need to restart DR/The game to make it reload definitions and god knows what...

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