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Free Doom 3 assets compatible with TDM

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As someone focused on attempting special FM's with slightly unique stories and genres compared to most missions, especially when it comes to adding a blend of scifi to the mix, I could use a repository of readily available custom assets that deviate from the default theme. Obviously I can grab anything from OpenGameArt or BlendSwap, but for a lot of stuff converting models or creating materials might be a lot of extra work better spend actually getting a map done. I know there were a lot of mods for Doom 3 / Quake 4, which makes me wonder if any freely licensed ones were ever released: Almost everything made for vanilla idTech 4 should be compatible with TDM and possible to copy-paste into a FM, especially when it comes to decorative models or textures or sounds, they should be plug-and-play from any Doom based project: I'd only need to know they're freely licensed and at worst CC-BY-SA-NC like TDM.

Only exception is AI: We use our own rig and animations, any custom character must have been made for TDM. Though when it comes to monsters, granted they have their own animations and IK for ragdolls included, I suspect any md5mesh can be easily adapted with a custom def based on the spider AI: Technically even humanoids might work since I don't think we're limited to a hardcoded rig... we do however have a lot of specific animations for those so any complex character would need anims for walking / attacking / using / more which can be remapped, things like firing the bow would be impossible as that must be precisely animated yet a generic swing might work for any melee weapon. I'd also ask if anyone's ever made custom AI that were never featured in any FM but are available for others to use, like the anthro characters I rigged ages ago but never got around to actually making a FM with.

Only resource I can think of myself is the PhilipK texture set, one of the most popular texture packs for open-source projects: The pk01 and pk02 packages come with material definitions for Quake 4 builtin, they can be extracted and used directly in any FM... I think I already did that during my attempt to create a Cyberpunk mod and the materials work great in TDM.

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4 hours ago, boissiere said:

What licence is the Doom 3 mod Phobos (which recently issued its third episode) released under? I've not played it myself (and their website doesn't appear to say) but in the various blurbs they say that they've produced a number of new assets, some of which replace the standard Doom ones.

Oh, their assets are likely still proprietary: Technically even the old Doom 1 & 2 from the MS-DOS era are still copyrighted, although you'll find those on abandonware sites since realistically no one will complain about "pirating" the original Doom game in 2024 :D Only the engines were open-sourced per say.

What I'm looking for are repositories of idTech 4 ready assets that are freely licensed. People made mods for things other than TDM, including vanilla Doom 3 or Quake 4 which TDM itself started out as. I think there were a few other projects based on the Q4 engine otherwise, though other than TDM I'm not aware of any major ones, just an experiment with an engine fork I've seen shared on the TDM Discord server.

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