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Gildoran's Application: Beta Mapper

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I'd like to be a mapper for the Dark Mod if possible. I've played all three Thief games and I think Doom 3 is my favorite engine to map for. As an example of my work, I made a post (as Gildoran) a while back giving a link to a map (well, room) I made, though nobody responded, so I figured maybe I should email you. Yesterday/today I got around to fiddling with my map some more, so I improved the texturing of the room a little. Currently, the map is at:


Some screenshots are:





To view the room, put delta.pak in its own directory, run it as a mod, and type "map volunteer" from the console. The idea is your boss moved your office to a storage closet (which was previously a tunnel access point).


I'm a newbie to Doom 3 mapping, so I don't know the most effective ways to do things, but I think I can learn quickly, especially if there's people who can answer my questions.


I've programmed in several languages (including C/C++, LPC, Java, and assembler for a Sun Sparc), and the scripting language for Doom 3 looks easy and fun. I've made a tiny script for the map (in order to synchronize two lights and a sound for the desk lamp and setup a couple of other things). Once I get more experience, I could probably help with GUIs and AI.


I haven't worked much with declarations (materials/particle effects/etc) in Doom 3. I understand that materials are usually composed of diffuse/normal/specular maps and know what each one is, but I don't think I could write a good material file or shader any time soon. I have access to a digital camera and live in Oregon (which is often cloudy) so I might be able to help with getting source material for textures.


I'm terrible at modelling, and always ended up frustrated whenever I've tried to use a 3D modelling program.


The type of maps I'd prefer to make would be indoors or underground, because of how it's easy to block visibility in such maps. However, given that Doom 3 can do scissoring with portals, maybe I won't be so afraid to try my hand at outdoor/city maps. I usually like to come up with ideas for "undead" maps.


Thanks for taking time to read this email. If you have problems loading my map, please let me know (the fact that one of the speakers has the "shakes" setting and an ogg file has me a little worried).


-Steve Wooster (aka Gildoran)

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Not bad at all. He could use a little work on the lighting, but I like what he's got so far. I'm a little short on time at the moment so I can't check out the map ingame right now, but juding from the screenies I'd say he's good enough to bring onboard.

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They still don't have any AI code in their release. They could put AI in and get some practice at making patrol routes, AI that stand in one place and turn different directions periodically, and stuff like that if they want.

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I don't know to what degree beta maps are supposed to be "final" (or not), but if beta-mappers have mantling, it could make it easier to make climbable walls or piles of crates or support beams, etc with a lower chance of needing to redo them later. (since we can easily test whether or not they're in reach in-game) Also, I like to romp around areas I make to get a feel for what needs to be changed and mantling is a pretty major part of moving around levels in a Thief-style game. :)


PS, since this is being discussed in my application thread, I'm assuming it's ok to voice my opinion. If I'm mistaken, please accept my apologies.

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Beta mappers are supposed to do maps with our tools. One aim is to get early feedback about stuff that may be still needed, that we may have forgotten, or that we simply did wrong. Another aim is to have maps as early as possible when we release, so that players wont have to wait another two years until the first playable map appears. :)

Of course we try to change not to much, so that beta mappers constantly have to change their maps, but this is a risk that you must take as beta mapper, even though we try to minimize it. Depending on the changes we may be able to help with some scripts to automize some changes, but in worst case you may need to redo a part of your map because we may need to change something if it doesn't work as intended. So far this didn't happen though. :)


Of course it is ok to answer. I just responded here because it was brought up here.


As for your application, since Renz said it is fine, it is also ok for me. :)


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