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Ok, Im a Team Fortress Classic veteran, and I recently dl'ed Steam in order to play. So for about a week I was getting this strange error message, actually a warning which said that Steam was attempting to operate a "virtual address" or some such thing out of my registry. I know it was the registry cause it said its doing whatever it is doing at registry address XXXXXXXX. What the fuck is Steam doing to my shit? I wish I had the note I wrote with the complete message but its at home.

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does this help?

    steam.exe (main exception): Win32 StructuredException at 0163048B: Attempt to write to virtual address 2439276314 without appropriate access rights.




    The instruction at "0x1000ecd" referenced memory at "0x016470c0." The memory could not be "read."


The solution is simple - simply browse to your Steam folder (usually c:\program files\steam) and delete the file "ClientRegistry.blob". Restart Steam and it should work fine.

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Did you try what it says there? If this error persist I would say it is either a bug with Steam, or your memory is defect. If this happens with other apps as well it may be the hardware. In that case it sometimes helps when you remove all cards and memory and reinsert it.


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