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Necrovox: Beta Mapper Application

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Hello all :)


I've been creating levels for a long long time with games, unfortunately, I never manage to get finished with whatever I'm working on, usually due to school before. But since I'm not in high school, I have all the time to work on stuff. I'm most interested in mapping. I've worked with the build engine, and mainly dromed for Thief 2.


Unfortunately, I don't have anything of mine hosted anywhere except for KOMAG's upcoming fan missions for Thief, but here's a link to two things I was working on in the past:





Sorry there isn't too much there...I haven't done any mapping for a while since I figured once Thief:DS came out, nobody would really bother with TMA missions any more. I'm not really experienced with Doom3edit, but I'm learning a little bit more every day, and I figured what better way to learn than by starting out working on a thiefy mod? I understand if you have no interest in letting me help with my lack of experience with Doom3edit, but it's worth a shot eh?


Any questions you have for me, just post em, I'll respond probably within the hour of your posting.


Thanks for your time, Necro

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Hi Necro. :)


Unfortunately, there isn't a lot for us to come to a conclusion on in the screen shots.


All is not lost of course, we want to give you a chance to show what you can do. :)


Although the assets for Thiefy style structures are somewhat limited in D3, go ahead and try putting together a small demo map with D3Edit. If it takes a week or two, don't worry, I will leave the application opened until I hear back from you.


Just post the screen shots in this thread and we will proceed from there.

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