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FIFA orders public swminning pools to stay closed


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That's really ridiculous. I just heard it on the local radio. FIFA forced public baths, that are in the vicinity of an arena, to close during days when a match takes place there. I mean, what rights do they have to tell everybody what to do? I already found it ridiculous enough when I heard that they asked people, who have bought a ticket, to NOT wear any clothing, that has advertisments of non-sponsors. I thought that this is the top, but hearing now that they also required public baths to shut down is even better. Whats next? Everybody, who doesn't watch a match, must stay at home during a match, or what? Really!


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Maybe it's some sort of liability thing, someone got drunk watching a match on portable TV, drowned in a nearby pool, family sued


(just a wild guess, but liability is often a hidden cause of crazy rules)

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It could be a health and safety thing of some kind, perhaps it would be too dangerous to allow hordes of drunken louts to descend on a swimming pool.


Are you sure they "forced" rather than "recommended"? I'm pretty sure that FIFA has no such authority in the UK, although things may be different in Germany.

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Sorry. I tried to find something, but didn't find anything. I only heard it in the local radio. The only thing you can find is that some pools mention in their opening plan that they will not open on such days, but without a reason.

On the radio, they said, that the city Cologne will sue against this though.


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