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Elusive's Application

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Elusive from doom 3 world has applied for a position.


Hi, NewHorizon!


Can you give an example object for your environment? Maybe I can help you out a bit. First of all you have to know that I'm not very experienced in modeling yet. I made some mapobjects and a bunch of tech textures with a graphic tablet for the Recall To Hell mod where I'm still working as their lead designer. But when I start something new I lear very fast.

I'm very experienced in the D3edit (geometry), GUIEdit and level design (eg. puzzles).


If you say "Hm sorry but your qualifications are not good enough for us" I understand Smile I'm still in a learning process referring to modeling, unwrapping and making textures. But a challenge is never wrong Wink


Well here are some of the textures I made to give you an overview of my thin knowledge Smile







A normalmap for a techwall texture



Looking forward to your answer!


Thx in advance!



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The best thing to do for old stuff I reckon is to use photos to create textures. Which is extremely different from what you're doing, which is presumably drawing them out on a PC.


Of course that's only my opinion as someone recently new to making textures.

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