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A Slightly More Complex Room

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Okay I just knocked this up today, thinking about complex challenging rooms. It's complex as it's an octagonal room with wood panelling inset bits, with a central spiral staircase in a brick drum. Storage area, barely used, basement. Extension with a few shelves.


Consider it, combined with the street, a beta mapper application.


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Now, I'm very new to the Doom3 engine and am no expert so please don't take this badly, but looking at those shots there is room for improvement in a lot of areas.


First off is the sense of scale which just doesn't seem right. Whether this is just to do with textures I'm not sure but i would say it's a fundamental brush sizing as well. The roof just doesn't seem to leave any headroom, I wan't to crouch already!


Secondly is the detailing. It doesn't seem natural or of any use. Check out the cutouts of the wooden panneling. What's the purpose or use to this? Detailing plays a large part of making a good level excellent, but it won't save a poorly modelled one.


Thirdly I'd say is the structural integrity of the area. A "game based on the Thief universe" can use a lot of fantasy and mystique but I think a structurally believable area always works to encapsulate the player in the world. The stair well just doesn't fit the bill for a number of reasons.


It's fine to say you're still learning the editor, something I'm currently trying, and I really don't want you to take this the wrong way... I can see a big improvment over your first work. I've tried to be constructive and hopefully you'll end up producing sprawling mansion of epic proportions for us to all sneak around in!



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Why don't you simply try to reconstruct a pre-existing room? Find a photograph of something well furnished, and simply try to duplicate it. Original material is always much tougher to start out with. Unfortunately, once again, and in all honesty, it's just ugly. I don't know what to say except keep trying and push on :). Follow some of Mike's suggestions and I'm sure you will improve in no time.

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Tbh fair point. I just wanted to see if I could do various things: wood inset panelled stuff (only I don't have an appropriate wood texture, that is the D3 hell one), spiral stairs, and annoyingly shaped rooms (boxes= easier).


Roof= low as there is no hole yet. It's a capped room. A hole'd leave a hole in the level, and it wouldn't like that. Shot 1 is therefore shot while crouching.


I'll do more today.

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