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Baldur's Gate - Okay To Start With 2, Skip 1?

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LOL. How long does that poison last?


And one other question. Often you encounter new people who would like to join your party? The question is, wether it is a good thing to do this or not. First of all I grow kind of accustomed to my party, so changing it is emotionaly unattractive :laugh: . But of course, I try to balance the members to what I need and most of the time you don't know what stats the prospective new member has. Of course I can save in some cases, but this is like cheating.


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Since you're playing a mage you can get spider spawn which is also great against enemy mages. Cast haste on them when you summon them and they will posion the mage so much he can't cast any spells.

IF you play an assassin you get to coat you blade in posion.

Posions typically do one hitpoint of damge every second up to maybe 15-30 points total depending on the type.

Most of the joinable NPcs have special quests attached to them that you cannot do wihtout them. A lot of the NPCs are either similar or useless though, also if you level up too much they will be lower level than you, and they don't automatically level up when they join you.

It's best to stick to a party and play the game again and have different NPCs the next time.

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- Emil Zola


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