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Stone Footsteps

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Ok, I finaly listened to the stone and the grass footsteps. There's no room on them, which is very good - but they're really quiet. I fear they might drown in the other game sounds - comp-music, are the source files louder? I could amplify them of course, but that would probably result in hissing.

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Yeah, that's tricky business with the volume of the footsteps.


Were you trying them out ingame schatten, or just listening to them in a media player? The T2X footsteps had a good volume level. I have them adjusted properly in the sound shader.



Don't worry about making the volume levels what you would expect them to sound like ingame comp-music, all those adjustments are made later. :) It is better for them to be loud, so we are then able to adjust them downward.


Use the T2X footsteps as a guide and make your footsteps the same volume. That way, we'll be able to swap your new footsteps ingame with very little adjustment. :)

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