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IRC and DarkRadiant code question


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This is my first post over here, so hi everyone.

First I'd like to know if the IRC channel (#darkmod on irc.starchat.net as on the wiki) is dead, because I didn't see anyone on that channel.

And second, I tried to compile DarkRadiant, but it failed.

I removed the "Face Instance::" in radiant/brush/FaceInstance.h in line 33:

FaceInstance& FaceInstance::operator=(const FaceInstance& other);

After that it compiled fine. Seems like a bug to me.



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Seems like I forgot to remove that one. MinGW doesn't complain about that, so I didn't notice. Do you compile under a more recent gcc?


Anyway, thanks for spotting it. I already committed the change to SVN. :)


IRC is not being used at the moment, as far as I know.

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We had such a report once with a newer compiler version (shipped with Ubuntu 6.10 I think), that's why I thought so. However, thanks again and have fun with DarkRadiant. Feedback is always appreciated. :)

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