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Sounds to Replace


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This post is not quite finished - is being updated


Note that only these need to be replaced. If they are not in the list, they're safe.


TD = contained in Thief's Den release (these have priority)

TD - sound/sfx/movement/footsteps/climb_ladder_metal_loose_01-06 - replacement ready (Pak)

TD - sound/sfx/movement/footsteps/climb_ladder_metal_solid_01-11

TD - sound/sfx/movement/footsteps/step_human_normal_grass 01-10


TD - sound/sfx/tools/melee/blackjack_hit_head_01-04

TD - sound/sfx/tools/melee/blackjack_hit_helmet_01-03 - replacement ready (phide)

TD - sound/sfx/tools/melee/blackjack_hit_metal_01-02

TD - sound/sfx/tools/melee/blackjack_hit_wood_01-02


TD - sound/sfx/movement/footsteps/climb_rope_hemp 01-06 - replacement ready (Pak)


TD - sound/sfx/movement/materials/mat_large_hit_water_01.ogg

TD - sound/sfx/movement/materials/mat_medium_hit_water_01-02

TD - sound/sfx/movement/materials/mat_small_hit_water_01.ogg

TD - sound/sfx/movement/materials/mat_water_dripping_01_loop.ogg

TD - sound/sfx/movement/materials/mat_water_medium_running_loop - replacement ready (Pak)


TD - sound/sfx/tools/projectiles/arrow_broadhead_break_01-04

TD - sound/sfx/tools/projectiles/arrow_broadhead_flesh_01-02




TD - sound/sfx/tools/projectiles/arrow_flight_01-05


TD - sound/sfx/tools/projectiles/arrow_gas_impact_01-02 - I think these are actually ok, aren't they?


TD - sound/sfx/tools/projectiles/arrow_rope_deploy_01-04


TD - sound/sfx/tools/projectiles/arrow_water_impact_01-04 - replacement ready (phide)







TD - sound/sfx/tools/melee/melee_hit_water_01.ogg


TD - sound/sfx/tools/melee/sword_hit_wood_01-02

TD - sound/sfx/tools/melee/sword_hit_metal_01-02

TD - sound/sfx/tools/melee/sword_hit_flesh_01-03



I have to go through Thief's Den to check which ones are actually used in the release. Done.

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@Pak: In reply to this from the other thread:

Okey. I'll keep a look out.










I found a substitute for broadhead_flesh and flesh_02 is just a copy of flesh_01 to I don't need to mess with the shaders. Or shall I only upload one and also update the shader?


I'm substituting rope_deploy for broadhead_wood. They should be based on these anyway. Same thing here, do I update the shader or just replace rope_deploy with copies of broadhead_wood?

Please keep all filenames, so that we don't need to adopt the Thief's Den manifest (the list of needed files).

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I'm through with the list. The above one is final, I think.


Only the ones with the TD prefix are actually in the release - the others are safe.


Note that we might be able to skip that procedure if the discussion in Member's Lounge reveals that we're safe.

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