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Create decal on face not working?

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You need to Ctrl-Shift-LMB-Select a face (it has to be a face with 4 edges). DarkRadiant will create a decal patch for you.


Doesn't this work?


edit: just checked, it works on my end.

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Does it have to have exactly 4 faces, can it be more, and does it have to be square?

The face needs to have 4 edges, it can be trapezoidal, but it can't have any other number of edges right now. There is an issue report on the tracker, requesting that this feature works with five- and more-sided faces too.


I think the problem was it creates it without any offset so it was stuck in the brush but I just tried it again and it worked.

Well, the main point of the feature is that the patch is properly aligned (coplanar) with the face, so it might as first look as if nothing happened. I always have to Alt-Shift-LMB cycle-select to get hold of the decal.

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