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xyzprecision option values

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Does anyone know how to find the value range of the -xyzprecision option for the exportmodels command?


As described at the bottom of this page.



Will take even tiny movements (translations) into consideration if you make this # lower. Default will try and compress down the animations getting rid of tiny movements.
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Looking at the exporter code, I can see that the default value of -xyzprecision is 0.125. It has to be greater than 0, but can be as low as you want, I think.


Try setting it to 0.1 or 0.01 or 0.001 for testing?

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Ok, so i finally got a chance to try it out. I tested from 111 to .00001 and there is a difference. I used the walk.md5anim for testing. At 111 and 75, the AI would not move forward, but only cycled in place. At 70 they would move forward. The higher i went the rougher the animation, yet it still seemed very close to the original.


To see for yourselves, I uploaded several variations to my Noisycricket folder in model_src. You simply have to rename it walk.md5anim, put it in the proguard (darkmod)folder and load up the test/walk map.


I noticed that applying this option didn't seem to change the data in the md5anim files leading me to believe the the -xyzprecision option is simply a variable for an algorithm that works during map load or during runtime?


1. Could this help framerates if we had a second set of animations done when the A.I. was a certain distance from the player or perhaps even out of line of sight. "Simply" trading simpler los calculations for tons of positional calculations?


EDIT: I believe people were testing the framerate in a given area by using the "killmonsters" command, or something like that, which i assume removes them completely. Is there a way to test the framerate with the AI still there and moving, but not animating, so we can test the animations effect on framerate?

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Interesting. I don't have time for testing the different precision settings, but I think there is a cvar for disabling ai anims, it's tdm_ai_opt_disableanims or similar. Might be that they stop moving altogether though.

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Now that i've had some time to think about it, I remember a couple games i've played where the settings menu allowed you to give far away creatures about a 4 frame per second animation. At an xyzprecision value of 70, the animations are still pretty detailed. But maybe theres still something there to investigate.



(btw: I've just about finished the subtle drunk idle, should be done tonight (when you and Greebo are still asleep i think )

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