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  1. I've been trying to play this mission since it first came out, and I get stuck at the same place every time. Right near the beginning, you break the door and go into the barn, up the stairs, and then jump over to a ledge with an openable door. Through the door you're in a ruined building with a collapsed floor. I can see across the room to where I believe I have to go, but I have never been able to actually get there. It's so dark I can't see what I'm supposed to do. It's basically pitch black if you end up falling to the floor. Every time, I jump randomly for a few minutes and give up. If I could only see what I was doing, this looks like it could be an absolute blast, but as it is... Can anyone give me a hand with this spot in the mission? The one video playthrough I found was even darker than my screen, so no help there.
  2. Thanks. I do hate using walkthroughs, though. I'll have missed something stupidly obvious, no doubt.
  3. I have to say I agree with this assessment, after several hours of frustrating running around. Every time I find a new key I think I've finally cracked it, but the keys don't open anything new. What use is a thief who needs keys to open doors, I wonder? The mission is also far too dark, even with my brightness and gamma set to maximum, so I might be missing things as a result. It's a shame, because otherwise this is a decent mission and I would have loved to complete it.
  4. So...good mission overall, but I've searched as many places as I can and now I'm left with the dreaded key search, which for me is like the big Monty Python Boot squelching down on the mission. I hate key searches. I have opened every door I can. What's left is unpickable. Tiring of going in circles, I have three places where a key is needed: Armory Locked cupboard Blue door. And sorry for the lack of spoiler tags, but I can't seem to locate the appropriate icon.
  5. Whee! A bank heist. Just what I was in the mood for after the sombreness of WS #4. Amazing. This whole series is just amazing.
  6. Awesome mission. So much so that when I got lost and started to get frustrated, I kept going. Still stuck, but enjoying it.
  7. I've done almost everything in this large and wonderful thiefly mission (who doesn't love robbing a huge mansion full of stuff?) But one objective doesn't update, and I'm not sure if it's my bad or whether, in fact it just doesn't update. It's the quest to The quest doesn't update. Have I used
  8. Hey, thanks for the reply. In this mission, my problems were all my own! I had neglected to go to the Thieves Guild shop so I had no rope arrows. Your missions are truly wonderful, by the way.
  9. Wow I've been playing Thief for 20 years and yet I cannot for the life of me make some of the jumps in these missions. For some reason it just seems so difficult compared to the actual game. I find it ruins otherwise wonderful missions (see my other post about another jump-related problem) I'm seeing balconies that would be totally reachable in Thief but for some reason I can't get to them. Jump/fall. Repeat ad nauseum till I get too frustrated to go on. I feel like I ought to be playing Tomb Raider, not Thief, with some of these jumps. Is there a secret to jumping in The Dark Mod that I haven't learned yet? I'm hardly a noob, so this is frustrating.
  10. How do I get the chalice? Looked all over for a switch or other mechanism, but no luck.
  11. I love this mission, but I'm at a point where I cannot proceed. I have well over 6K loot, I've taken care of Poor Martha, I've uncovered 7 secrets, been in the rooms below Martha, nobody is left standing so I can run around unhindered while I use my lantern. But still I have no idea what to do next. I must have missed one small thing that's preventing me from going forward. A few rooms are still locked: 1. The Interrogation room I keep hearing about. Is it one of the two barred doors? If so, how do I get in there? 2, There's a spider room? Where is that? 3. There's a locked room near the office on the top floor. I have no key for it. 4. Also, the front page of this mission as it's loading show a room with spider webs. I have not found that room yet, either. I have evidence, but apparently not enough. Obviously this will be in the rooms I have yet to access. Oh, and I haven't begun to work out how to get the Heart. I could use a few spoilers, since I'm starting to get bored after a few hours of fruitless running around.
  12. Great mission. On my own I found only 8 secrets. I keep seeing reference to the and I haven't found it. I've found a but can't find the corresponding secret. I've found a but can't find the corresponding secret Any clues for me?
  13. Wow. Every time I think I'm done in this mission I see something new. I think I must still have lots of loot to find....
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