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  1. I haven't finished the mission yet -- it's been holiday madness around here. If that area isn't part of a main objective I'll just cruise along through the mission as far as I can get. Cheers!
  2. Love this mission, but I've found a bug. Once I'm on the first floor, if I open certain doors I get an error message that says ' Multiple instances of Halfrid Quill" or something like that. Then game crashes to the Main Menu. Too bad. This is my favourite kind of mission. Some sneaking, some challenges, some stealing, no killing. Not too much equipment.
  3. Oh, I see. Thanks for getting back to me. This is such a good mission. It kind of snuck up on me. It seemed so cut-and-dry at first and then all of a sudden it was a multiple-location mystery. Very cool.
  4. I think I've hit a huge bug. I found the key in the And went back to the attic room. I read the updated journal, and then frobbed the potion. I'm sent to an Arctic scene, with a ship. As soon as that happens, I get the "Mission Complete" message and the mission just...ends. Is this a known issue and is there a way around it?
  5. Thank you! This mission gets more and more intriguing as I go along. Very creative story idea.
  6. Good mission so far, but now I'm completely stuck. I have found the key that opens Is there another readable I should find? Or could someone just tell me at least which
  7. I have one last objective in the mission: Where is # 7? Great Mission, by the way. I decided to try it on the hardest setting, and I love the challenge. EDIT: I did a quick second run and this time got everyone. Not sure what I missed last time, perhaps I knocked out one of the villains and forgot to end his rotten life.
  8. Thanks. That would have made my life easier, though in the end I had to be a bit more crafty to accomplish my mission, so all is well.
  9. I'm playing Ulysses 2, and I'm having trouble with the rescue scenarios because I can't drag bodies up stairs. If you recall, The ability to pick up a body was vastly superior from a gameplay perspective.
  10. Aha! Aha! That would be it. I did search the forums for instructions because I was obviously doing something wrong. Aha! This is a great mission, BTW. I've found 4 secrets so far. I'm still stuck on the final mission objective but I suspect that last thing I need will be down in the tombs.
  11. Thanks! I got confused by the fact that Any idea why the mines aren't exploding? I just can't get them to work.
  12. I am unable to proceed in this mission because Any help would be appreciated because otherwise I have no idea what to do anywhere else in the mission. I have found quite a bit of loot and a couple of secrets, but I am unable to progress any farther. EDIT: Never mind. I tried it again and realized that I was standing in the way. But I do have one more question: I am supposed to investigate Nehmiah, or whatever his name is. I have his second journal, but not the first one. What am I missing here?
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