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  1. @Jack, did what I send you fail? Haven't heard back.
  2. Lowering the tolerance only affects AI movement when it's close to the path_corner. It won't fix this problem. Unfortunately, the problem is very deep in the path finding. For large AAS areas, the game calculates inexact times for crossing those areas. Since path finding is all about finding the fastest way from A to B, a wonky path with lower crossing times will win out over an obviously straighter path with higher crossing times. This isn't something to worry about until the rooms have been completely dressed. By adding furniture and other objects, and monster-clipping them, the larger AAS areas get broken up, and the crossing times become more accurate. If there's a particular path you want the AI to follow to get from A to B, try inserting a C between them so he's forced to walk a more acceptable path.
  3. I added instructions in the "Alternative Techniques" section on how to scale in one direction only.
  4. Ok, thanks. IMHO if we do move to github in the future, I'd rather see it done with a good plan that includes implementation, instructions for gh newbies (not all repo users will be developers), and testing that all takes place while SVN still allows us to get our work done. I'm not in favor of a switch during the temporary outage we're currently experiencing. We'd inevitably screw something up in our haste to get the repo back online.
  5. Then why is there a discussion of using github and Sourcetree?
  6. Are we abandoning the methods/software we've been using for a decade for source control?
  7. That works fine for the player, but the AI's feet walk on the collision surface instead of the steps, which can sometimes be 8 above the actual step beneath. Doesn't look right. Mappers typically use one of two methods: 1. Put a nodraw or monsterclip ramp just below the surface of the steps, so you can't see it, and let TDM place the feet directly on the step above. This works fine for simple steps. (No bull-noses, for example, which present angled surfaces beneath the AI's feet, and can lead to odd stepping behavior on the stairs.) 2. Put a simple set of stepped nodraw brushes just above (+1) the real step surfaces. TDM plants the feet on those. These smooth out the action on more complex steps (i.e. bull-noses).
  8. What's the purpose of the collision material on the stair module?
  9. I think we need some grime patches applied to the forum.
  10. @NS: Did you have snapshots turned on in DR? That would have filled your maps/snapshots folder with copies of your work.
  11. Thanks for your hard work, taaaki. Is there a financial burden we need to contribute to?
  12. @Toni, Wow! Glad you liked it. I also think it was a bit spare, but that was by design. (WS4 took for_ever to complete, and I wanted to work on something smaller. I even halved WS5 partway through, feeling it was too much of the same, then grew it back up a bit to reach the final design.) WS6 and WS7 will come out at the same time, and have a feature that hasn't been done yet (AFAIK). It's getting harder to think of unique mission bits. Again, thanks for playing.
  13. Follow the player: No. Acuity adjustment: No. You could add these feature requests to issue #4731.
  14. @Hagatha, Welcome to the game and the forums!
  15. Yes. I get unsubscribed from my own mission release threads, plus a couple others
  16. After having built several missions using the 64/128 models, I'm very used to the building speed they allow. I'll either limit myself to not using the wall modules, or I'll use DR's model scaling to get 64/128 versions. I tried the latter and the result looks fine.
  17. I just started looking at this pk4. I notice that the wall modules have--to me--odd widths. To match DR's tiling granularity, widths like 64, 128, and 256 are extremely useful. (Springheel's architectural wall models provide 64/128 width models.) Copy/Paste along a long wall with these lengths is far easier than the lengths offered in the pk4. Can we get support for 64/128/256?
  18. Text: Will adjust if I re-release the mission. M key: This works in 2.07, but not in SVN. I'll file a debug report against it, if one doesn't already exist.
  19. $player1 is the correct way to access the player.
  20. Try this, since getHealth() only works with AI or the player: ai monster_AI = new_monster; float health = monster_AI.getHealth();
  21. Put this spawnarg on the candle: "set _color on flame" "0.89 0.06 0.13"
  22. The DOOM movie is getting remade.
  23. A single pic from WS6: Baleford Museum. I have no idea when this will be finished.
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