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    The Epic Launcher certainly isn't the most polished yet when you look at Steam, but I'm willing to give them a shot. Quite a few games are a lot cheaper than on Steam and I know Steam has a lot more to offer socialwise and with reviews and all. But to be fair a review is just based on opinions of other people and there have been several games with horrible reviews on Steam that I actually enjoyed. And yes like stumpy said, you can obviously subscribe to receive emails, but even then it can't be difficult to remember sometimes if you don't take a look right away because you have just a week to 'buy' the game.
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    unity now has 3 engine versions, one free and two you pay a subscription for, but it now seems the different versions are based on what support you get from unity rather than there actually being a difference in the engine features.
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    I'm sure the publishers/developers are giving consent because Epic most pay them a nice amount and promise them more profit (because Epic takes less cut than Steam) by making their store more popular this way. Some games are indeed expensive, 60€ for a game, specially when many are play once and discard is insane. Personally i'm starting to wait and see what free game shows up in the Epic store, right now I have 3 games on my library that were on my wishlist on steam! That is 3 games that I will not buy now. About Unity, at that time it add two versions, a professional version and a personal version, the personal version was free, for non commercial games, if i'm recalling well and didn't supported many of the features of the professional version, like real time shadows, to survive Unity add to blend them into one and make the engine "free" (still not open source tho). I'm all about choice don't take me wrong, is fantastic that many people, is now able to play games that they would never be able to, unless they pirated them, at least pirates now have no excuse. But one thing is certain in the engine space (that matter) many choices is not a thing that you have now.
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    As long as it doesn't change anything in how materials look, sure. Wouldn't go too far with HDR efforts though, such displays are still not a mainstream thing. IMO it would be great to do away with light textures for intensity at some point, switching to math formulas (locking the light resize box), and leaving texture slots only for projections.
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    I've had a free game off the epic store but their game launcher isn't the easiest thing to use. epic email me every few days to tell me about the free games, and upcoming games
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