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    @Amadeus This actually works! : ) https://streamable.com/hpzy3 I got 2 sliding doors, about the same size of the grill light, with spawnarg "translate_speed" set to 2000 (so fast it looks like it doesn't move), one with spawnarg "open" set to 0, the other one set to 1, and trigger them both with the same switch. Have 2 of these grill lights, one green and one red and bind the green to a sliding door, and the red to the other, .. one of them is always "hidden" in the wall, and the other visable. Spawnarg "translate" set to 20, on x,y or z, depending on the orientation, seems enough to hide the model, and you can use the first suggestion I did to light up the surroundings with a seperate red and green light. I used this model: models/darkmod/lights/non-extinguishable/grill_light_short.lwo
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    @Amadeus You could have 2 invisable sliding doors and bind the red light to one, and the green one to the other, have one to be open and one closed at gamestart, and trigger them both with the switch. I'm gonna try it : )
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    Lamp entities and particle lights (i.e. light_oilflame) can toggle hide on targeted models if the models have "hide" "1" enabled. One light targets one model: as one light is off, one model will remain hidden at map start. Could try my above suggestion of giving your plain lights a scriptobject, otherwise maybe reconfigure a light_oilflame entity to act like an electric light (= no particle model, no extinguish sound, all stim/response disabled).
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    It is generally a good idea to check if they are working properly. Otherwise you will have to spend a lot of time leak hunting later on.
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    @STRUNK: did you test you visportals with r_showportals? If you had a sealing problem, the visportal should also make some problems (i.e. not close properly).
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    If you've properly visportaled the run from the emitter to the listener, you shouldn't hear anything through the walls. If you do, you prolly have a worldspawn leak somewhere between emitter and listener.
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    Visportals have to touch non-transparent worldspawn. I typically filter out all entities when working on visportals. (ninja'd)
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    Filter out all entities, decals, clip, and patches. that should leave you with worldspawn brushes. visportals must seal to the worldspawn brushes. it’s ok if visportals stick into the void. it’s ok if the visportal face shares a worldspawn brushes face. it’s ok if a visportal face sticks into a brush. some mappers swear the last 2 ‘rules’ are illegal, but I’ve never had problems with them.
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