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    FYI, the flu deaths that occur happen despite the existence of vaccines (which are often less than 50% effective). It's funny, because you appear to acknowledge the truth behind both statements in the post you quoted: "hundreds of thousands of people die of the regular flu every year." "The media really likes to blow things out of proportion nowadays." Which of those statements is "extreme"?
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    Did you know all new Radeon cards now require at least an 8-pin power supply line? I was looking for a replacement for my desktop RX 570 and originally wanted an AMD card to test TDM on. Now I have to resort to buying an Nvidia because none of my 3 PSU's has an 8 pin output. I'm full Nvidia now.
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    The message, "Relax, things are better than you think" doesn't tend to drive people to consume (and therefore fund) news.
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    Now this is one fancy apothecary's near where I live:
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