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  1. https://www.pcmag.com/news/windows-11-home-edition-requires-a-microsoft-account-to-complete-setup Society is going to sleepwalk into a world where consumers get locked out of their personal computer and all information contained therein if their Microsoft, Google, or Facebook account is ever suspended or closed for any reason. And I am going to die with laughter and say "I told you so" when that day comes.
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  2. Ah man, that sucks. I started building my FMs directly in a dropbox folder so it's always backed up and they keep old versions around. Its not totally ideal (has a monthly charge, isn't very robust) but its saved me big time from losing huge amounts of work.
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  3. No problem. Just please bear in mind that these "internal backups" won't save you from fire-/water-/lightning-hazards, so you might want to consider some remote backup solution.
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  4. Yes it does but it also centers the view on the selected entity, is the way I always used to do what Brendon asked. Btw Brendon loved the latest trailer of Skin Deep, add a smile during the entire thing, in this early stage is already shaping off to be a cool and funny game!
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