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  1. TDM Modpack v2.8 released in the opening post Please note this new version is only compatible with TDM 2.11 (or higher). It won't work in previous versions of the game. What's new? ~ SMART CONTAINERS MOD v1.0 Our friend @Obsttorte added new functionality to TDM 2.11 that allow us to tackle a long standing problem: difficult to frob objects inside containers. Newer maps come with improved chests and a number of older maps and prefabs were at some point revisited but still, many containers out there remain a constant source of frustration for players. The "Smart Containers Mod" will make the bottom of containers (chests, jewelry boxes...) non-frobable right at the beginning of the mission. I tested this implementation extensively and I didn't find any usability problems nor I detected any issues that might break a mission and I think it is safe to share the mod with the community. Let me know if you find any oddities in your looting adventures! ----------------------------------------------- ~ CLASSIC BLACKJACK MOD v1.2 The "Classic Blackjack" also gets a little update to include some code from TDM 2.11. Thanks, once again, to @Obsttorte blackjacking has been GREATLY improved in 2.11 and the Classic Blackjack Mod isn't as relevant as before, but since the mod comes with its own rule-set it still has a place within the TDM Modpack. ----------------------------------------------- You can find the download link in the first post on this topic. Changelog: ============================== v2.8 - New release ------------------------------ • Compatible with TDM 2.11 (or higher) • SMART CONTAINERS MOD v1.0: Initial release. • PLAYER SKILLS MOD - ORIENTATION v1.2 - Fixed card highlighting issue when r_newFrob was set to 0. • PLAYER SKILLS MOD - COMBINATION v1.1 - Fixed arrow effect not showing up properly in some circumstances. • (Internal) Major and minor adjustments here and there. Cheers!
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  2. Bug 1: In "The Accountant 2: New in Town": "Grab your gear" objective will not complete when using auto-frob. Individual clicking on each item completes the objective. To replicate: [spoiler] Exit starting room and head inside the room to your far right, next to a window. Pull the "lever" to open the secret door leading to your gear. See that auto-frobbing will not complete the objective, while individual clicking does. Bug 2: In "Cole Hurst 1: Eaton" Individual clicking leaves player with 3 functional maps, while auto-frobbing might result with only 1 or 2 of them usable. Auto-frobbing will cause player to pick up, but not acquire map items to inventory. To replicate: Upon spawning, drop to lower floor and pick up items on your table by individual clicking. See that you should end up with 3 separate maps, all of which become usable by "cycle maps" key. Now restart and pick up everything by auto-frobbing. Sometimes you are only left with 1 or 2 maps instead of the 3. If you keep your eye on pickup messages while auto-frobbing, you can briefly notice "acquired -", instead of "acquired (map item name)" You can also see that once first map is picked up, you might have to release the "frob" key and click again to pick up other maps, while other item types do not need the key to be released. Also, inventory item in the corner of the screen might say "special" with no visible icon.
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  3. I tried it some years ago and it was already abandoned back then. It never got finished, and probably never will. Better try Monomyth after release (it looks like still being worked on, so there is hope).
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  4. If you like Arx Fatalis you could try Arx - End Of Sun beta (based on Doom3 engine, but you don't need a copy). https://www.moddb.com/mods/arx-end-of-sun (this is mostly a reminder for myself to still try it out sometime)
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  5. Yes, the original subtitle would apply. What is really bad is that you cannot override subtitle for one sound easily. Now you can override one decl, but a decl often contains many subtitles.
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