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  1. Sorry, I have a problem with this nice FM: at the end of the goal to stun all the awake people (and without killing anyone), I have only one of the two customers of the pub left: I hit him with blackjack, the message of objective completed appears , and immediately after that the failed goal appears and I go into game over. Is it a bug? thank you very much in advance.
  2. No, the FM is "Precarious position" (COSAS 2). Yes, the commands you said worked, thanks.
  3. Ok, thanks, I did. But now I can't figure out which command is used to rotate the safe numbers.
  4. I changed the default controls a lot, and now I can't get some of them to work anymore. How do I get the Darkmod default controls back? thank you in advance.
  5. The xdata folder in this mission does not exist (Cosas2 - Precarious position). How do you unzip the .pk4 file?
  6. In which folder are the books and readables in the FM folder? I would like to try to translate them into Italian language. Thanks in advance.
  7. After installing version 2.10, in the initial screens, where previously the number of the installed version appeared, now nothing appears. It's normal?
  8. Is the latest version (2.10) backwards compatible with older missions?
  9. seta image_downSizeBumpLimit "128" seta image_downSizeBump "1" seta image_downSize "0" This change finally solved the problem for me, and without the fonts blurry of the menu. Only problem, now, then loading a save, occasionally the game crash at desktop, with the "malloc_failure" or with an error of "The memory could not be read". Oh well... ok, I go on like this.. Thanks. P.S. My system: XP pro SP3, P4 2.66 overclocked 2.95, 2 x 1024 Mb PC2700 DDR SDRAM , ATI Radeon 4600 1,024 Gb.
  10. Thanks you very match, OldJim! in addition to what you've written, I read somewhere, just this morning, that in the living room there is a plan on how to fix the pumpkins. I'm going to see ...
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