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    To Orbweaver

    I think it might be good idea to confront your fears and conquer them that way. If your fear is of the level you describe, it's probably important that you do something about it as soon as possible. You might start with the fact that the poor spider is probably more frightened of you, and you present a more serious threat to the bug than it presents to you. Spiders are also nice, since they eat annoying buzzing insects. I understand it might be easy for me to say, as I do not have the quality you describe. In any case, you probably should try to overcome your weakness if not by yourself, maybe with professional aid. Personal improvement is always an excellent motivator.
  2. In SS1 there was an electronic puzzle in which you had to connect two squares with an electric stream. Clicking on one spot turned X's into +'s. A + would pass a stream and X would not. The trick was that not only one point would change upon clicking, but a bunch of those next to the clicked one. When the hot points were connected with a constant stream, the circuit was complete and something neat happened, say a laser bridge activated. I played SS2, but if I recall correctly, there weren't this type of puzzles, although it had something else..
  3. Well. That teaches you to eat your hair..
  4. System shock and Deus Ex brought to the thief series: Steampunk hacking. Oh, wow!
  5. Or you could drop gold coins from your loot to lure the greedy ones!
  6. -You could prevent from being surprised in a room by placing a gas mine in front of the door. If someone comes and disturbs your thieving, the gas knocks out the guard. This idea reminds of a feature in No One Lives Forever shooter game (guess it was in NOLF2) in which you could place a banana wrapping on the floor on which a passing guard would slip and fall. Very entertaining to watch from a hidden corner, but not very useful. Still, always nice to hear new ideas.
  7. Well, a mapper could use his/her favourite text-editor to find-replace all "atdm" entries with "" in their .map files. It's a small job, I think. (But still a job.) It would probably ease the mapper's pain if detailed info on the changes would be given, so the mappers know what to change to what. But still, I'd avoid it if it is not absolutely necessary..
  8. -It is a shame though, that publishing good games doesen't make the producer necessarily succeed in the market. Think about the Looking Glass Studios. Everything they ever made was very good to excellent. Jagged Alliance games were very good and appreciated (they still are), but still every company that touched the title went bankcrupt (Sir-Tech, Talonsoft). Nowadays games are way too console-like and oversimplified. But I guess that's the thing that sells. And money is everyhing.
  9. We usually play Carcassonne, which is a nice game. Fun alternatives are Citadels, Munchkin (maybe someone recognizes my avatar ), Kill Doctor Lucky and Dalmuti. Sometimes (the girls insist that) we play Alias or Trivial Pursuit, but I'm not a big fan of those. No sneaky backstabbing tactics to be done there..
  10. -Unless you join some kind of association or club of esperanto-speakers...
  11. Everyone thinks their own native language is better that others, mainly due to subjective reasons: people are better at speaking their own language and it feels familiar. Other languages are complex, weird, full of inconsistencies and illogical. Finnish for instance is a very nice flexible language, which is pronounced as it is written. You don't need to bother to think about word order and you do not have to remember articles for nouns (der, das, die). However, it is difficult language to a non-native talker learn it fluently due to it's complex grammar. Maybe everyone should learn esperanto, since it is probably on of the most logical and easy-to-learn languages around....
  12. Could you comment the multiplayer? Is it any good?
  13. Sotha

    Chess boxing

    No I haven't heard of this before, although I've seen the Uuno movie mentioned in the wiki article. Interesting concept, combining two gentlemen's games into one.
  14. Steampunk laptop, looks like it came straight from the dark mod universe.. http://www.datamancer.net/steampunklaptop/...mpunklaptop.htm The winding key is especially fun.
  15. I too use cell phone reminders a lot. Previously I used essentialPIM, but cell phone is much easier, as it is always with me and available. I guess even the simplest cell phone models have reasonable calendars these days. Highly recommended. EDIT: Oh, and with serious samurize you could probably write your own reminder system, it might even be a small box fixed on the side of the screen, showing notes and alarming if necessary.
  16. -Thanks! I will wait to tuesday next week, then. I'm obtaining the mod at the moment and shivering about the daunting task of converting those vanilla textures on my work into TDM ones. Question barrage may ensue at a later time.
  17. I don't mean to sound overenthusiastic, but what's the final verdict concerning the matter mentioned on the topic?
  18. -Maybe it means that he has a dark monitor and couldn't see much in the darker images, except the last three. That's how I interpreted it, but maybe I failed my sense motive check...
  19. Hi there! This modification has also picked my interest. My background: no dromed experience, but the thief universe and mood is quite familiar since I've played all the titles of the series plus several fan made missions. I've done some mapping before, mainly for my own amusement for Doom 1, Half-Life 1 and Farcry. More recently I started to fiddle with D3, using darkradiant and started making a medieval city setting using the textures from hell. If you need yet another beta mapper, I'd like to help. Here's some screenshots of my work:
  20. -While implementing this kind of features one should be very careful to consider the possible exploitation of it. Let's think of an AI guard walking through his normal route where he ignores all the five knocked out guards, only because there is some bottles lying around or the bodies are placed on the nearby beds. As a player I'd still like to worry about finding the remote cleaning closet no one visits to dispose of the bodies. =)
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