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  1. But why do you think the rich are pushing it? What justification do you have for this claim? Please, think hard, it is really important, I would really like to know why you think so. One could say that in terms of education, I belong to the elite in my country. At least I have never seen any evidence of the rich forcing the poor to rot their brains with garbage. It may be due to the fact that socioeconomic status is hereditory. The elites value education and they pass it on to their young. We force our kids to violin/piano courses so that they learn early on that working and training gen
  2. So it is the elite that ruins the people, not the people themselves? I would say that some people choose to do the stuff you say to themselves. They could study, they could learn, they could do something useful... But they watch reality TV because that is their decision. The elite has nothing to do with it. People will consume entertainment what they choose, and entertainment makers make entertainment that has demand. Instant gratification garbage wins. But some people choose higher level stuff and that is good.. for them.
  3. Oh, sorry. Somehow posted it here, but I intended to post it in the newbie DR questions.. Doh. Here is the answer I found: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/9082-newbie-darkradiant-questions/?p=404586
  4. Found it: $device_light.getLightLevel(); returns a 0 if the light is off!
  5. Hi! I am thinking of making a steam machine for my FM. The player needs to put a flame in the boiler and start the machine with a switch. Is it possible to ask in a script whether an extinguishable light is lit or not? What command is used? That way I could use the switch to call a script that checks the boiler flame and then if it is lit, trigger the necessary stuff. When the machine is on, I can also continously ask if the flame is on, and if it is not, I can switch the machine off. Thanks!
  6. Not made to a triple-A title: let some indie dev make it. Someone good with new ideas.
  7. Played around with the modules for the first time today. Sure, they have few quirks, but once you know them, working with them is ultra-fast, fun and the instant results look gorgeous! Big thumbs up, Spring! These really are a game changer for TDM!
  8. Me too! I'm gonna do just something small for this contest. Dunno if I'm gonna finish in time, though.
  9. Sotha


    Exactly! I've monitored the discussion here with interest, but I do not understand the purpose. How does reading ancient fiction help with any of our modern problems? One could just as well read Lord Of The Rings, but be better entertained, because it is better suited for modern audiences. You can pick up a lot of meaning and how-to-live-your-life tips from there if you wish, and they are written in a more precise and obvious way than those in religious texts. The more vague the text is, the more there are ways to interpret it. Many interpretations results in lots of discussion opportuni
  10. I can sort of see the benefits and reasons of conservatism. The world changes at a rapid pace. Just as it started to make sense, it changes again and leaves one scared and dumbfounded, completely in a new situation. But I am more of a liberal than conservatist. Looking back in history, it is obvious that yesterday was worse than today. Progress brings benefits for everyone. Too much conservatism will block this progress and we will get stagnant. Water gets foul in stagnant pools. Ethics and morals... With what right do we condemn those who are different? Homosexuality is an intrinsic prope
  11. This makes it seem that homosexuality is a mental illness from your point of view. Is this correct? Current western scientific view does not support this idea. I think I read a newspaper story about a child grown by homosexual parents. They became just an ordinary heterosexual. But that was just one instance, more is needed for statistical meaning. Children are brought up in completely different family environments: father working only, never with family; other parent dead or left; alcholist parents: etc; etc. There are large diversity there. I do not think homosexual parents are such
  12. My values say it is progress. I feel it is very conservative and backwards to do otherwise. I can see you have the opposite view and I respect that. We do not need to be in agreement, but it is interesting to see your justification why LGBT should not have the same rights as everyone else. What benefit does their prosecution (or condemnation) provide to the society? You cannot say it is the truth without presenting some demographics indicating so. Polls in Finland indicate most people in cities have no issue with LGBT. Rural areas are more conservative. But for the individual it is a
  13. When science cannot indicate what is right, it is a question of values. The location you live in will apply some values on you. I see and acknowledge that you and I have different values. For example, in my country Finland, homosexuality was an abomination in the past. Their rights were non-existent, etc. The values were strict. Now, when time has progressed so have attitudes. Majority of people have absolutely nothing against giving homosexuals the right to get married or adopt children. Scientifically or socially thinking, there are not many justifications why giving these rights would b
  14. Interesting discussion here. Heh.. I always thought that sexual preference is similar to food appetite. Someone likes fish, someone don't, and someone enjoys everything. People are different. This is a blessing! With what right do we define what is "beneath the dignity of the humanity". Not everyone needs to be the same. I could just as well declare that those who think like you just wrote are "beneath the dignity of the humanity." That would be just daft, right? With this logic, you could declare a lot of stuff unimportant by declaring it unnatural. This argument is strange.
  15. Best of luck! This will be super interesting!
  16. They caught the suspect. According to the news it looks like ISIS inspirated work: the suspect had uploaded ISIS propaganda and stuff on facebook. Perhaps some kind of early warning system would help, for example people could report social media activity to the officials, so that they have a list of people about to radicalize. For example, in Finland, worried friends reported a woman planning a school shooting. The police intervened in time and she was put to psychological care. But still it would be impossible to avoid stuff like this, because the police does not have the resources to mon
  17. In order to not flood the comment/status system, I'll open a thread for the topic. Feel free to resume commenting here. A crude copy of the discussion so far:
  18. Always nice to have more options for briefings. Can you post a video to show how it looks? Your description of it sounds exciting!
  19. You can easily change individual AI team with a script command: $ai.setTeam(5); See here for example: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/17160-easy-alert-ai-custom-behavior-recipe/
  20. I am glad to hear that! This is exactly what I was hoping for when I decided to make the video series, so thank you! Best of luck with the project, enjoy, and remember to ask for help in the editor's guild part of these forums if you run into trouble!
  21. What Judith said. The pillars should be at least size of a man, preferrably taller. That makes the arches easier to monsterclip too, because you just need to monsterclip the pillar and the arch-work is above the AI you do need to think about it in terms of AI pathing.
  22. Bizarre. Because deleting and replacing doors don't work, it must be the visportal. I suspect the visportal is defunct somehow: does not touch walls, has incorrect texturing, or there is an internal leak somewhere that breaks the portal, visportal plane does not touch the doors... Go on game, type "r_showportals 1" and see if there is a green or red gate where the visportal should be. Does the gate go red if you close the doors. Try "r_showtris 2" to see if the visportal blocks visibility. Examine the visportal with all entities hidden in DR. Does the portal fit snugly to the worldspawn d
  23. Good, good... Did you read this? http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Doors#Double_Doors Maybe double-check the visportal? Or maybe just one door needs the lock status and you should not have lock/pick spawnargs on the other?
  24. Path_sits and path_sleeps absolutely have to have angles on them. Same applies to path_anims as well. --- Lockers: Check the targets. Perhaps you had the same issue as Spring with the new intro mission. If you had locker1 and you cloned it into locker2, if the doors on locker2 are accidentally targeting frob controls of locker1, you have the no-frobs messed up. Check that the objects are okay by importing the flip-desk prefab and see that you have set up yiur lockers exactly like that. IIRC 1) door must target the frob control entity 2) door must have immunity to frob control entity 3)
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