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Status Updates posted by Baal

  1. Episode 3 of the second best Doom 3 mod, Phobos,  was just released.

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    2. chakkman


      I tried it yesterday. Had some problems... First I changed the default resolution to 1920x1080, and clicked on "Restart video" in the video options, and the game still stuck with 640x480... Tried a couple of things, until I took a look into the config files, and saw that seta r_mode was still set to 3, not to -1 like it should be. So, changed that, and the game booted in 1920x1080. Changed some other video options, clicked on "Restart video", and the game booted to a grey screen. Had to force quit the game, then somehow some icons in my taskbar were missing. Rebooted, icons there again. Started a game, pressed escape to change some option, game crashed.

      Kind of the experience I had with many mods in the past. Buggy as hell. 

    3. nbohr1more


      That's more of a "Vanilla Doom 3 verses Windows 10/11" issue. Doom 3 was always a little janky with automatic hardware detection but since Window Vista ( WDDM ) driver model it barely understands what it's running on anymore and you have to get your autoexec.cfg ready to for your resolution and screen refresh rate. Dhewm3 does a better job but you can't use DLL mods with it ( there are a number of binary mods though ). ( Of course, Dhewm3 uses SDL for hardware detection so it's no wonder that it works better than Vanilla Doom 3. )

    4. Xolvix


      Oh man I remember this mod. I had finished EP1, played a bit of EP2 but got stuck somewhere and left it alone. When I moved onto Dhewm3 (because of the improved support for modern systems/hardware), I knew Phobos wouldn't run but I hoped at some point they'd port it. Maybe now that EP3 is released they'll be able to do so.

  2. I have a spare code for Shadowrun: Dragonfall on GOG.com. Anyone interested? FM authors preferred.

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    2. Tarhiel
    3. Baal


      I didn't get one.

    4. Tarhiel


      Damn, accidentaly Send it to another user: luckily, he didn´t read it :) Check your PM again :)

  3. Playing Wizardry 6 for the first time ever, with map drawing and all. It`s quite a different experience, but I like it.

    1. Melan


      Wizardry VI is awesome! And yeah, mapping is part of the fun... I still have my spiral notebook with the maps I made.

    2. Baal


      I have so many questions that I could ask you, but I want to go in blind and get my ass kicked. Will I get my ass kicked?

    3. Melan


      Yes. Oh yes.

  4. I haven't played the game in a while, and now there are lots of new, big missions available.

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    2. Baal


      Seems like there are even more that I haven't played. Nice.

    3. Sotha


      ..And we have a new TDM version coming! I'm waiting for that before playing anything. And when it is released.... Then it is TDM binge time!

    4. Anderson


      By the way, are those corrections for romanian going to arrive at 2.04?

  5. I finally got around to installing Whatsapp on my phone. And it absolutely sucks. I'm being overrun by a horde of smileys and nothing much else of value.

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    2. Bikerdude


      What phone have you go Android, ios or Windows..? In Android download and install "Adaway" I can pom you the .apk if need be.

    3. Baal


      Android (CyanogenMod to be precise). Thanks, but ads are not my problem. I don't even have the Google apps installed (including the Playstore). I am just complaining about how other people use their phones. ;)

    4. nbohr1more


      Yeah, prose is dead they say. Kids are terrified of communication, even behind the veil of a text message.

  6. Just came home from a Marduk gig. I will have problems holding my head upright the next couple of days.

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    2. SeriousToni


      Sepultura? Pah! You should better give Soulfly a try, nbohr!

    3. Deadlove


      "Frontschwein" good album! "Thousand Fold Death" my go to song right now on that album.


      I have a record you might like:




      Was compared in reviews to FUNERAL MIST, MARDUK. Got props from Morgan of MARDUK, TT from ABIGOR and Holocausto from BEHERIT.


      There's System Shock 2 samples in some of the songs.

    4. Baal


      Thanks, have to check that out when I have time.

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