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  1. There is this guy, nobiax, that releases a lot of materials and models for free, without any restrictions as far as I can tell. Some examples: And this is what he says about usage: readme.txt
  2. We need normal and specular maps also. Deus Ex doesn't use these, right? Apart from that, it's the same problem as with the Duke3d pack.
  3. Some thoughts: We could keep lockpickings exactly as it is and include hacking in addition to it. Either as a minigame or just resource based (consumable like the Deus Ex multitool).A grappling hook (basically a reskinned rope arrow) that is somehow restricted in its use. By surface type or something else?An rpg progression system is not needed.Crossbows are cool.?Profit
  4. Thanks, these are not bad. And they seem to be free to use. Which model formats can the doom engine use? I found some cool materials, too.
  5. So high defintion recreations of game assets are generally risky? If we would release a map for demonstration purposes, that uses textures from such packs, the worst that could happen would be, that we would have to take the download down, right?
  6. Here's a small excerpt from the pack. Would these count as 'distinct'?
  7. Thanks. I'm starting to retexture some maps today and will post the textures used.
  8. @demagogue: Can you take a look at the Duke3d HRP license please? There are a lot of cool textures in this pack, that would be useable for this. hrp_art_license.txt
  9. I'm still busy with creating the material definitions for the duke texture pack, but it shouldn't take to long now. Looking forward to experiment with some modern architecture.
  10. If we had the Radiant source files (.map) for it, then yes, I think so. But the archive only contains the compiled .bsp file. We could kinkdly ask the author for them, though.
  11. Cool. I'm busy with the texture pack and will upload a .pk4 when I'm done.
  12. There's not much to see until it gets some new textures. I'm going to try something with the Duke Nukem resource pack. That's something I always wanted to do anyways.
  13. Yes, I think they use the same map format. Darkradiant should be able to open a prey map, but you would have to place new textures and entities.
  14. Someone needs to create material definitions for all these textures. Do we have tools to automate that?
  15. I would love a stealth game based on The Dark Mod in a science fiction setting. But you would need to create A LOT of assets to do that. Textures, models, animations, sound and whatnot.
  16. Thank you! You'r refering to the "Find dirt on Talbot" objective, right? First, Second,
  17. I meant the games. It was an extremely funny joke.
  18. Never heard of them. Are they any good?
  19. My opinion about the loot requirements: Nearly every mission has them; they are a nice progress indicator and reward, but apart from that they are kind of pointless. They can kill progress if the missing loot is to well hidden. They also have to make sense storywise. It's completely stupid when a thief refuses to leave a zombi infested area because he absolutely needs 3 extra gold coins. The no-ko objectives: I think they are a cool challenge for people who want it. It should be an option for players to choose. We did that with the hard and expert settings in "Collateral", but the 3 difficulty levels are not ideal for this.
  20. They're getting better and better! I enjoyed this mission thoroughly; the dark, dirty and moody look and feel, the architecture (and the big fat rat) etc. Everything is competently done. Another great mission.
  21. Some of the older missions that I personally like (apart from those already mentioned): The Outpost (angua & greebo)Thief's Den 2: Chalice of Kings (Fidcal)Too Late (Nielsen74)Flakebridge Monastery (Jesps)
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