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  1. You missed the point. I already said that I personally don't care. I have and can use Windows 7 myself. I am thinking about other people in the world (not USA, not Western Europe) that do not and can not, but are not any less creative and talented and a potentially valuable part of any development team. For a little extra effort to add support, workaround or not, is really worth it. That's all I'm trying to say here. Whether it's $30 or $3, is not the point. The benefits weighed against the enforced requirements are out of balance, especially since kleid has pointed out that it's very possible. Instead of being patronising, a little technical advice about how to compile an XP build of the latest DarkRadiant would be much better to post, for the reasons I mentioned above. That's all I'm trying to say...
  2. It's not supposed to be "melodic bullshit", as you said yourself in the following sentence that obsolescence is a fact of life, but what I'm trying to say is by "worse and worse" is that the benefits of newer operating systems weighed against the shelf-life of their predecessors, combined with user-base (which XP was greater than Windows 7 for quite some time, a few years after 7 had been released already) is increasingly out of balance, and I wouldn't be surprised if 7 is not supported in a short time from now. Then what? Another bunch of cash, and possibly a whole other new PC, because one or two new operations are being used (making programmer's lives marginally easier, but not really providing anything new to the user, per se) and programmers are just out of time and energy to support so many different operating systems. If you're the maker of an OS, this is great news for your wallet, but if you're a user and your pockets aren't overflowing with western dollars to dish out at them, it's not so great. No, nobody is obliged, especially for a project like DarkRadiant which people have worked on for free, out of passion. I'm just trying to say that it's worth thinking about and certainly not respectable to be patronising or downright defensive about, like comparing a typical "XP machine" to a 286 or a Commodore64, which is just weird and not even mildly entertaining. If we want to talk about obsolescence with our chins so high in the air, we could try to ask some other people what they think about idTech4 and Radiant... I think they could shove their chins even higher than anyone here and be a lot more patronising too. But no, we know that Radiant isn't just for "Quake 2 maps". The limits of the user's creativity is more of a factor than the limits of the software. I get the same kind of ugly chins poking at me because we're using Blender and some people are like "pffft, Blender, if you were any serious indie developer then you'd pirate 3DSMAX like WE do!!!" Yeah, not _everyone_ can go grabs on daddy's credit card for a new PC every 6 months like _some_ people can. We clearly have different views of the world. I know there are a lot of people out there who could be valuable members of a development team, very talented and creative people, but who happen to still have older systems because, for the most part, they can still do everything they want to do with it. It's not just "someone somewhere" at all, even now. Being patronising toward someone because they honestly can't afford a new computer and OS to go with it, is just plain stinky first-world attitude and can easily be spared. Very sad. Could be rephrased to "I was not _aware_ that I was making fun of anyone."
  3. I don't think poking fun at people who are genuinely interested in development (for the sake of the most users possible) is a very productive or even friendly thing to do. But it's okay because there will come a time when Windows 7 isn't supported anymore and nothing will run on a machine that doesn't have at least a quad-core processor. Things will only get worse and worse. And just for the record, I personally don't care much, I can do everything I want for myself, but it would be nice if I could maximise the chance of finding people to work with because I know that creative talent and the money they have to afford a decent machine to work on are two very very very different things indeed.
  4. No need to feel sorry for me, I almost never have problems like this, but thanks for the honest replies, I completely understand the time constraints and extra effort it would involve. I just figured since we're talking about idTech4, which is now 10 years old, some extra consideration might be taken to align everything, both the project itself and all tools involved for its development, with the relevant hardware and operating system. So here's hoping Greebo gets some free time in the near future. Perhaps in the meantime, is there a place to find help on how one might compile an XP 32 compatible build of DR, or perhaps someone might be kind enough to type up some information about compiling it? I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one who would deeply appreciate it.
  5. I'm using WinXP Pro 32-bit SP3 on a single-core system... So I guess that's all the information that's required? (and yes, I did install the "VC++ 2012 Redistributable Package") I suppose it could be that there's some mix-up with these builds and despite saying x86 it's actually not the case, but I've read things here and there that lead me to believe that this level of hardware is purposefully being neglected, due purely to convenience for the developers. So I'd just like to encourage and plead you guys to consider spending that little extra time to continue supporting this level of hardware because it's hardly a Tandy just yet, I mean it's not like some awesome map couldn't be made on such a system, right? Hopefully we don't honestly believe that, because that would be disturbing. I'd also like to add that The Dark Mod itself works on this system, the pre-release 1.8.1 builds work on this system, and considering some of the features include support for Quake 3 Arena and XreaL engines, it seems only natural that DarkRadiant would work too. Thanks for your time.
  6. Like I said, it's a Quake 4 thing so I don't know if you guys can dig anything out of the SDK and use it for TDM. It's called "visportal_distance_near#_far#", (you will find it in invisible.mtr) and all I've done is use it to split the map into sections and fill it with fog. The difference between doing this and just having a global clipping distance is that you can still "see over" these sections, so you could still have stuff like tall buildings in the far distance, above the fog. In the MTR file, it has a "portalImage" key, but I vaguely remember not being able to change that correctly. I don't use idTech4 anymore so my memory isn't very sharp about that.
  7. If I understand correctly, this is something that could be done in Quake 4 so you might want to look there for clues. It's a type of portal that doesn't rely on visibility to activate but it relies on distance, and it fades in and out smoothly. You could actually use this technique for an entire area for effective and custom (that can be specifically managed based on areas/heights) distance-culling on everything:- http://www.violation...71007render.avi http://www.violation...ea071007vis.avi
  8. If the game works on XP, then it's only reasonable that the tools should still work on XP. Not everyone can afford to buy Windows 7 just for the fancy UI features which actually many Radiants have issues with. Not supporting it anymore because it's "kind of a nuisance" seems a little bit sad to me.
  9. Legal issues aside for now, the ASE doesn't support exporting of meshes, only brushes. If you want to export "mapobjects", try DOOMedit that comes with Doom3/Quake IV by typing "editor" into the console. Its OBJ exporter can do this. You can export collective chunks of mesh-mapobjects and maintain material headers and UVs. You can export multiple into 1 file which is really handy. Or, this may be just a case of you wanting to automatically assign materials in Unreal Editor based on their headers? Then that's probably a question for the Unreal community.
  10. This issue again can be fixed in Blender. Select the object(s) as a whole in 'Object Mode', go to the 'Object Modifiers' tab and 'Add Modifier' then under 'Generate' choose 'Edge Split'. You can define a custom angle and then click 'Apply' and it will break the vertex welding/smoothing along all appropriate edges. Would you mind sending me a PM also? Would greatly appreciate!
  11. When I bring the exports into Blender and CTRL+J to join every different part together, I can then select/split/delete different parts based on their material from the "Material" tab in Edit Mode by highlighting the material name and using the "Select" button.
  12. DarkRadiant seems to be the only *Radiant in development anymore, so forgive me if I sound obnoxious coming out of nowhere with my list of demands. A really nifty feature would be to allow texture fitting to multiple brushes/surfaces, OR implement some kind of camera map feature where a texture can be mapped onto a surface using the orientation of a camera or viewport. The reason for this is easy to explain without images. Imagine a cube brush and a crate texture, with the texture easy to fit onto 1 square brush surface, but you don't want a perfectly 90' edged 12-triangle box because you're not making Quake II maps anymore. It's easy to create (up to) 6 extra brushes and bevel these around the six sides of the cube, giving each side an extra 8 triangles for smooth edges. However, now you can't simply fit the 1 crate texture to the "side" of the brush anymore, because it's made up of 5 surfaces instead of 1. Trying to fit the texture means 1 proper fit on the big side quad, but 4 squashed textures around the trim, because it's trying to fit all surfaces individually. Having a way to either "fit to multiple surfaces", or project the UVs from a fixed view, in my opinion would be a tremendous feature to add.
  13. Hey there, I posted on doom3world.org about a mention in PC Powerplay magazine. Here's the scan (620kb), it was in April 2005 issue, on page 24. Special, well done.
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