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  1. And oil flasks, it was an amazing gameplay mechanic.
  2. And exactly like the contemporary AI hype-train, walls and walls of palaver, pages and pages, and ZERO actual utility! 4 pages now and so quickly, it's sad how this is likely the most lively this community can be anymore. These types of threads everywhere is embarrassing cringe, I have to be honest. I really pray that people will learn what "curated dataset" means, and see behind the curtain. "Piecemeal refinement", "puppeteering" and our dear old friend "MICROTRANSACTIONS". Hahaaaa! You will remember these words... Stop living in fear, go do something better with your time.
  3. The Postal 2 of the era, work of the devil and corruptor of young minds - ...pinball.
  4. Radiant is looking for brushes, convex solid geometry, and it will save that as a CM when you select your mapobject. I don't know why the save dialog seems like a model loader, but it does work. The CM file can be opened with Notepad and it might be possible to finagle all that data, or in the meantime you could try to convert your triangles into brushwork, which is not recommended. If your collision data can't easily be made with just brushes, it might be too complex for this engine.
  5. I was thinking about trying to make everything a func_* to keep track of things but I don't know the limits on that. The numbering convention of things doesn't matter because they're only comments, and duplicate entity names are reassigned on load, which is fantastic, but that may break things like targetnames and other scripting. Not sure if Radiant takes care of all implications and if not, it would be difficult to track. So this would only be good for content, not for wholesale functionality.
  6. Hey wow, this is so gnarly! I spent the last little chunk of my life learning a bunch of commandline stuff like awk, sed, grep and a lot of versions and other utilities, things like ImageMagick. I thought I was the only one actually taking that seriously for making utilities like this. The last year of my life has involved obsessively hoarding and learning all the CLI stuff I can find, to automate as much as possible, combined with a little Python for Blender and MAXscript for 3DS. I'm currently working on something that will convert lights in MAP files to DAE Collada files, for import into Blender and 3DSMAX. After that, a solution to read from MTRs and setup basic (or potentially not so basic) materials to automatically take care of monkeywork between Radiant and that software, by using MaterialIDs coordinating with headers and propagating its only little contextual base of assets for itself. It's convoluted, but should get the job done. It wouldn't be so far off what you've done here. but I hope to expand it along the way and make it easy for people to finally render their maps in Eevee, etc. and beyond.
  7. I could probably cobble together some kind of commandline auto-mapbatcher. It would read a list of maps and combine them together before running DR. Doesn't seem to matter which order brushes/patches/entities are in, so it's trivial to do it in some basic form. It would act like a shortcut to launching DR and read maps to combine from a list in a text file each time, to basically bring everything up to date in a master version. It could potentially handle 100s of files. If I could possibly expand it from there, if I'm capable enough, I'd be open to any ideas.
  8. Depending on what it is, a simple logical scale might be the easiest solution. Make something at 0.125 scale and then scale it 8X to view it properly, possibly beyond the 65K bounds. The opposite is also true, things can be smaller than tightest grid by simply scaling, you can literally have the size of a human hair, creating it 8X bigger and scaling 0.125, or more. Saves and loads fine. Exporting is the issue, but it worked for me. Maybe DR could do with an option to use a higher setting for precision and area with more decimals in the map file.
  9. It's a portable drive that wasn't plugged in, and that folder already exists and doesn't need creating. I think this is too much of a rare case to worry about. It just shocked me. I feel embarrassed but now all is well.
  10. I deleted the 3.6 settings folder and tried again. The first run from the portable archive freezes on the splash screen. Initialising Module: GameManager I PM'd you the .DMP file, there is no DarkRadiant.log ever created. I am willing to accept it's Windows 7 or my custom themes or whatever. Hopefully nobody else is having problems with this and I'll be happy. At the end of the day, it ends up working and I am relieved about that!
  11. I tried it, the splash screen greyed out and seized up. http://www.violae.net/temp/DR_360.jpg i5, GTX660, Win7 I clicked End Process, the splash screen still frozen. Task Manager - End Process, End Process Tree. There are 2 DarkRadiant.exe. Splash screen still frozen, even as I type this. I don't know what else I could say. First time that ever happened. edit: I had to reboot. Now it seems to work fine. I tried to reproduce it but couldn't. Somehow the game setup window got stuck under the splash screen or something.
  12. This might be useful for you?:- https://github.com/kam3k/euler I'm trying to figure out something similar, but opposite of what I assume you're trying. For me, I want to make an exporter for DarkRadiant that handles lights:- https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=6118
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