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  1. Anyone else here with 10 different versions of Blender on C:\ to do 10 different things? And comparing dates of add-ons with dates of releases to figure out which version it's for.
  2. So, I went ahead and ripped some guts out of my registry - references to those 'serialised' folders a particular installation was looking for. Rebooted, tried to install, and bam - it behaved nicely!!! And now Unreal Engine is actually launching instead of sitting twiddling its thumbs from the launcher. So yes, it did work and yes it's supported on Windows 7. A side-effect is that the package extracted and made itself at home in my root Y:, of all places. I don't know why, maybe because it has the most free space? Well, Microsoft, don't expect me to just leave all that junk there.
  3. This isn't the first time I've had this issue, but previously I tackled it on WinXP and that wasn't so bad. Now it's Win7 time and far more of a headache than I remember it being. I'm yet to dive into the registry and hack chunks out of that, but I may have to resort to that... This all started when needing to install the 2019 runtime for UE4. Some runtimes are refusing to uninstall, and some newer releases are refusing to install unless that happens. I run into this error:- Windows Installer The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable.
  4. https://www.texturecan.com
  5. https://texturefun.com/ & https://texturebox.com/
  6. It depends on how your files are originally organised, but you can try this approach... Generate a TXT file which lists all textures filenames within it, using something like this:- https://www.karenware.com/powertools/karens-directory-printer Then use Regex to prefix/suffix the surrounding material script, using something like this:- http://dngrep.github.io/ Regex will also allow you to duplicate lines within the file along with special delimiters to differentiate them in case of order.
  7. After all these years, I had no idea this was possible.
  8. Yeah, I've seen the Mandelbrot-like art created by AI, and some more advanced stuff after AI has been fed with references to guide itself, to the point of outright ventriloquism. We're a very long way away from replacing a team of game developers with software. It seems you've been reading a lot of the fantastical articles and are all excited, like many others, but I'm just saying that I'm personally far from being overwhelmed by much of it. It's mostly boomer-noob media parroting Silicon Valley geeks looking to bolster more investment opportunities. They are just mostly other tools to
  9. I would like to politely and respectfully disagree. Yeah, there are some emulators that already attempt to do this kind of stuff with textures, but the results are never pretty when weighed against the performance hit. It's interesting to toy with, but usually get turned off for long serious play sessions. A human being is always going to bring better and more significant details into the scene than a computer program ever can. A human already has all of the filters and effects the computer can use, and infinitely more. The real question is speed, time and money - that's the only
  10. There are a lot of "HQ Texture Mod" packs for everything coming out (and a lot more to come!) thanks to the growing popularity of Topaz Gigapixel AI. I see a future of a lot of wasted HDD space for very little discernible improvement. We already have texture filtering since ~1997, any software that attempts to take those sharp original texels and blur them into each other is doing so in the face of that. That's what folks need to understand. Any 'upscaling' is inevitably going to take artistic effort and the same skills as it did to originally create the asset.
  11. This is really cool, as powerful free software really is. A little warning though - this is a 7GB install and requires an Epic/Quixel account. I have doubts this software will function offline, but we will see...
  12. Ability for "Fixed Subdivisions" of "Patch Tesselation" in "Patch Inspector" to be higher than 32, or at least not cap patches back to 32. NetRadiant can currently load map files with higher values even though the GUI still says 32. I managed to get up to 4444 4444 which was many millions of triangles. I think this is a good move to help future-proof the software.
  13. Maybe I'm naive but I always associate Linux with WINE and virtual machines. If someone "switches" to Linux as their grand-daddy OS, that doesn't mean they are giving up Windows, it just means they can shove Windows into the corner and use it how and when they want, in a confined environment. After all, this is how Microsoft have been treating us, so why not us treat Windows the same way.
  14. The inconsistency is with this fork of Radiant, as the built-in editors for Doom3/Quake IV/etc display the "edge winding" of patch triangles as they actually would be in the engine:- I wouldn't hold my breath on this ever being fixed as it goes pretty far back.
  15. I think it's because it's an OS and not just a site or a program (that can be contained) we're talking about. There's not much you can do to protect your privacy if the OS itself is poking you in the back door. It's also because Microsoft are one of the very few companies to have been around for so long and have built up such a positive reputation, a legacy, for many of us since we used our first PC. Also because there are almost no other suitable alternatives except Linux and even then we'd be looking into virtualising a Windows OS or 2 with it, in order to do everything we want. I see th
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