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  1. I figured I'd post this, since nobody else seems to have mentioned it. D3W (ex)regular Kristus (and associates) bring more Quake-style arena-DM action to the world:- https://www.doombringer.eu/ https://www.indiedb.com/games/doombringer I personally think this is very worthy of checking out for the old Q3A fans among us.
  2. I agree and I think it's the right way to go. It is a complex tool so I don't see the need to dumb it down for newcomers. If they feel overwhelmed and just quit, well maybe they do that a lot in their life? Having all of the buttons and fields and checkboxes right in front of you means you can sit back and just look it all over, and feel more encouraged to just toy with something to see if you can figure out what it actually does.
  3. Ah, it was missing a material for the defaultPointLight, so the projection was essentially black and so maybe the lights were working all along. Thanks!
  4. I set my game to TDM in DR and project as custom mod. Originally all of the textures are JPG but where needed I have been converting files, TGA/DDS. AFAIK, they all should work, even with the basic MTRs they have. The folder has the game exe and the defs pack. Perhaps it needs more than that but I don't know. If it does support Quake 4, I should have lights already, because they do work in QuakeEDIT in the Quake4.exe and defs. Something from TDM I'm missing?
  5. These have never worked for me, but I installed TDM 2.0.9 and DR 2.11 and was looking at maps and all the lights work. I've done a lot of experiments with my own materials, and nothing ever worked so far, so I wonder if it's because Quake 4 is the set game? Is this only for TDM or should it work for all supported games? Or maybe it's my materials or my lights?
  6. RazorFist arcade - Thief Deadly Shadows. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PvzjJlg0p8 I completely agree how underrated this game is and how a lot of the hate was unwarranted. I had a lot of fun with it and was thoroughly immersed and creeped out, despite its shortcomings.
  7. My memory isn't the best, but I recall the Q4 portals I mentioned would adjust its fading based on player distance, a value directly related to player distance, as opposed to boolean trigger an ultimate fade in or out. Correct me if I'm wrong but that sounds tricky with scripting workarounds.
  8. The smooth distance-based portals that Q4 had would have been perfect for this. It would enable windows to block vis until the player is at a certain distance, then fade in. If done with care, a placeholder texture (or even cubemap, etc) could disguise this effect nicely, and everything could be a smooth transition. Don't think Doom3 engine had this feature, though.
  9. LDAsh

    3D editors

    In countries like USA, at least, no company can retroactively restrict permissions already granted by an existing license agreement. All they can do is update it for a newer version. There are precedents for this. Whether or not something is open source has very little to do with it. It's always a shame to see overreactions and folks choking themselves out over this stuff. It must make productivity seem almost impossible.
  10. LDAsh

    3D editors

    Can you elaborate on your definition of "proprietary" and its implications for users? I am just curious what stops a young (broke) developer from using a piece of free software that can be used commercially.
  11. LDAsh

    3D editors

    Just my kind of topic! I've been (attempting) curating a list of free software for game development here:- www.violationentertainment.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=414 www.violationentertainment.com/wiki/tiki-index.php?page=Free Every now and again I go through it looking for 404s and not shy about outright uploading the latest versions I have to my own webhost, and waiting patiently for any potential C&Ds. Hopefully I would keep doing that until the day I die.
  12. Here's an even lower-poly version, for distant shadow-casting. I quickly threw it into MeshLab and didn't tidy it up after, but I figure it's only for shadows and hopefully would be fine. Again, sorry for not making it 100% compatible with idTech4 outright. Maybe when I get back to my own country and settle in, I'd have another look at it. www.violae.net/temp/threedscansbootlegeve1exp9.zip
  13. http://www.violae.net/temp/threedscansbootlegeve1.jpg It's not at all often I have anything to share suitable for TDM, but I thought this might be suitable. Originally from here:- http://threedscans.com/uncategorized/bootleg-eve/ The 2K textures are a mixture of what I've baked from the original 3-million triangle model, what I've painted in using Blender, and some CC0 textures from www.goodtextures.com - so everything remains under the CC0 license. Anyone is welcome to use it. There are 3 LODs - 13K, 6K and 2K, with the 2K version also for the shadow-casting. For the size, ro
  14. Ricky Berwick lays the smackdown with the sickest burn ever:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfQSFd52WnY
  15. www.violae.net/temp/DR208_Win7midnight.jpg It does jive pretty well with custom themes for Windows 7. From what I understand, the same is (almost) possible with Windows 10 with extra efforts.
  16. Wrong forum to ask about drawcalls, I guess? Peter_Spy... wins...
  17. Perhaps go back and read my original post, or, perhaps STFU? Please, one of the two.
  18. Yeah, facepalm yourself, have fun. You just talked about how more geometry means more work, and so I talked about Daz3D farts, which is very common these days. Now you got me needing to explain your own statements to you and babystep the entire context over, and this isn't the first time, either. No time or energy to do it this time, so I'll just say this - if you can't answer the original question (which you barely bothered to even read) then simply just don't waste time with a reply. Please. For everyone else, here's a link:- https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/20377-gr
  19. Tell that to folks who fart out characters from Daz3D like it's nothing. Your advice is a bit cynical. Higher polycounts doesn't necessarily correlate to more skill and effort, infact the opposite may be true. But ultimately, the GPU doesn't care if it's artful or not, it's all about numbers, and that's what I was asking about - solid figures, not yet more vague philosophies.
  20. Exactly, which is why I'm asking. This is a good list, but it's from the 7th gen just into the 8th, so this info is quite outdated and is already showing a huge disparity, even though we could safely guess why some numbers are different to others (such as fighting games and games not using all the crazy rendering bells and whistles):- https://forum.beyond3d.com/threads/yes-but-how-many-polygons-an-artist-blog-entry-with-interesting-numbers.39321/ What the internet needs is some Digital Foundry level of inspection into modern (9th gen) titles, that provide info like
  21. I figure this thread is a relevant place to ask... Does anyone know a modern and up-to-date place to find stats and metrics on recent game releases, in terms of polycounts and drawcalls and performance? There's a lot of yabber and vague info floating around everywhere, but extremely difficult to find hard solid numbers since around the early 8th gen consoles. People these days simply don't seem to know. I remember way back, looking through these engine features:- https://www.iddevnet.com/quake4/LevelEditor_Performance.html ...and naively thinking that all game engines would pro
  22. I didn't mean its modern economy, I meant in WWII, the empire's hasty and unconventional attempt at dominating the pacific (for starters). The consensus back then (from what I know of history) is that they were considered unstoppable, simply because Japan did not play by the same rulebook as everyone else and could not be held accountable by anyone but the spirits of their own ancestors. International human rights be damned. Now China is more or less looking at doing the same thing. For a (the only) country that, to this day, holds a grudge against militant Imperial Japan, it sure does
  23. China is just "too strong", eh? Funny, people were saying that about Japan 80 years ago...
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