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  1. thats some crazy stuff nice use of percussions, did you record the beat samples ?
  2. Thanks, i hope so to. would suck to not see them finished.
  3. I like it, is "is funeral dance" a cover?
  4. I've been on and off the forum quite a bit, mostly off. I want to thank the mod team for all of your hard work, mapping in DR has been the next best thing ive actually done with a computer, music being the first Im studying music at a "folk highschool" in Karlskoga, music is the one hobby that has actually stuck with me. here is a "album" ive put together, if ur not a fan of crazy electronic music, skip to the fourth track. any musicians out there? share your work/soundclouds
  5. Here are some screens for another fm http://www.sendspace.com/file/0xi6j9
  6. So we meet again forum. I didnt know where to put this thread, thought this would be a suitable place. alot is happening in my life now, and i dont see myself finishing any of my projects. I have a couple of maps i would like to donate, most of them to anyone willing. There is one in particular wich i believe could become really great, it is however quite messy and for that particular FM it would require som leet DR skills to finnish. here are some screenshots for the above mentioned FM http://www.sendspace.com/file/lq6hck
  7. I was actually optimistic about thi4f, thinking it might actually be a descent game. That all changed, this is just.. bad. i feel sick. Edit: im definately pirating this.
  8. Holy ****, this must be hands down, the most beautiful mapping ive seen on tdm. please finish this, you have too.
  9. Im traveling by flight from Sweden so i dont think it'll be a problem. My sincerest apologies sir Fyi if u find urself at the blacksheep pub, try the mÀrzel beer, tastes like bacon.
  10. too bad it didnt work out. im visiting my father there tommorow, i can already smell the rain and the guinnes
  11. My two favourite films. Oldboy Enter the void
  12. I dont know what it is, but theese shoots all have a very "'Alive Feel". Weekend in bridgeport, the nobility/middle class host private parties etc.
  13. I would want to join aswell if possible It's medium/small sized. i'll have to tackle a bug, and finsh the layout, i have a basic idea of where im going storywise.
  14. That is good news indeed. I find myself incapable of doing any DR work besides design, working with entitys is hard enough for me. I'll snoop around after work, i will let you know if i find anything.
  15. no probs, ill try to figure it out by my own. if all goes to s*** i'll come back and ask for help. if anyone feels like having a go at it it would be much obliged though.
  16. I've changed too much from the previous backups. It would be a huge motivation drop to have to start from them. When ive got time im gonna try to split the map into separate pieces so i alteast know where to look.
  17. hahahaha, your wifes comment cracked me up, well. if you like black and white, pretentious artsy fartsy films i highly recommend "Idi Smotri". "Oldboy" and enter the void are my all time favourites though. I read Turin horse and got excited, resulting in OFT madness.
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