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  1. Yup, that is a thief font. It's the original font used for letters, journals and books in the original games. It would be SWEET to use that in our mod. I just modified Thief 3 with the original fonts for my Minimalist project. The other original Thief font is called Carelton. It was used on the menu's and some other places in game. Carleton
  2. Okay, here is a window I'm working on. Needs to have the background replaced and perhaps some other touches...like changing the window frames....but what do you think? Fire away, and don't be gentle.
  3. Wow, quite exciting to see that window. I'm actually trying my hand at making a window texture...I'll post my results for criticism and look forward to getting some pointers so I can learn how to do this as well and be more productive to the team.
  4. Wow guys, this stuff is gorgeous. I feel lame for not being a texture artist now.
  5. Wow, great work. Once I'm finished up with my studying and side projects I'll really have to fire up the doom editor and learn how to use it. It looks like a hell of a lot of fun.
  6. Hmmm, you're probably right about the T3 engine being able to handle the larger missions. I just wonder if it wouldn't bog down since it doesn't seem to be as finely tuned as the doom engine.
  7. Alright!!!! He's back and better than ever! Way to go man. I'm loving this model.
  8. Hey there Subjective Effect! Good to see you popping in. Even if there were to be a Thief DS level editor I don't think it should deter us from our goal. Thief deadly shadows is a fun game, but in many ways it lacks a certain thiefness. The early concept shots that we have on display here have captured the look of the previous games but with updated graphics. I think once things fall into place with the SDK the atmosphere will follow. It already seems to be there in the screen shots. Since I'm in early prep for a Thief 2 fan mission I'm primed to get some voice sets done for the Dark
  9. Yeah, you nailed it. Whatever they did with the Thief 3 color scheme made it very drab and the same all over. The warmth is missing. I think a big part of this may have come from the way they had to share the same textures. The way they did it I was unable to replace the health meter with a hi-res version of the old shields. When I did the health meter texture appeared on health potions, hammer guards scepters and on a cat'o'nine tails. I was so disappointed.
  10. Yeah, you're totally right. When I first saw it I thought....THIS is how Thief 3 should have looked. You can see the relationship with Thief 1 and 2, but it's still light years ahead of either of them. It's consistent with the Universe. More and more I am convinced we can do this. I have a lot of friends who are professional actors in theatre, they'll be providing the characters for the voice sets! Can't wait to get started on those.
  11. I am in agreement on the short sword issue. I think a big part of this project is not just making this a T3 clone, it is also to recapture the essence of the original games that was lost so willingly in T3. The dagger was not within the Thief continuity...regardless of the devs intentions. It may be best to include both options as I hear Garrett was to have gotten a dagger in Thief 2 Gold. Since Looking glass closed down before it could be made we never got to see it. So, yes....a dagger DOES have its place, but so must a sword! The Dark Mod can be what Thief 3 should have been.
  12. Ahhh, no problem. Just thought since I was working on it that the information would be usefull for both Thief 3 and Doom textures. That new pic looks great.
  13. Since I'm kind of new to texturing I was wondering if someone could help me out with a little problem I'm having importing a file into T3. I'm trying to make an alteration to the Main Menu Title that swoops in during the beginning of Deadly Shadows, but when I import the bmp using DX Tool it changes my Alpha channel to white and i get a big box around the title "deadly Shadows". Is there something I have to do in photoshop to ensure my alpha chanell stays black? Perhaps it has something to do with the dxt3 format...I dunno...it's driving me crazy.
  14. Looking good! Now we just need some dark Thiefness.
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