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  1. Just finished... Grayman, my friend, I have NO WORDS to explain the beauty and the pleasure on playing this mission. It's a real masterpiece, no more, no less.
  2. Ok, until now I know that to play T(ras)h-ief4 you need a next gen computer.
  3. A drank review it's what we need to enjoy this game
  4. Nice nice nice! Thank you Kyyrma, I loved your FM.
  5. http://www.somagame.com/ From the creators of "Penumbra" series and "Amnesia". Here is the teaser: Brilliant, really interesting and promising! It'a sci-fi horror with some (as usual) lovecraftian elements. Cogito, ergo sum!
  6. From the list of the promotion, I suggest "Limbo". Very cute (and smart) puzzle game.
  7. I don't want to repeat for the 1000th time how much this FM it's AWESOME. So I only say: this FM is AWESOME! No, really Gelo, you made my day, congratulation.
  8. I've tried with these (and other) settings, but nothing changed. My card it's marked "dev=MP3,DEV=0", I tried also with "front", "hw:", etc etc, in the "s_alsa_pcm" var, and a lot of other combinations, but nothing. Anyway, i'll try more and more to solve this, there must be a solution
  9. Normally I killed Pulseaudio (you have to kill autospawn too), and I used Alsa instead. But now I use an external sound card USB (soundblaster creative), and now Alsa in TDM it's not working unfortunately with this external device (i have no sound at all in TDM with pure Alsa). He works only with PulseAudio active, but I have random glichy or lag, that I can repair on fly only by exiting to the main menu, and change left with right option ("yes" or "not"). I'll do more tests, that's sure, I hope to find a solution :-D
  10. If I use "sysdefault" for the s_alsa_pcm instead of "default", I have no audio. I'm with Ubuntu 13.04 32 bit LTS.
  11. I have the same problem here. With standalone and PA, I have glitchy sounds all the time. I stopped PA, stopped also the autorespawn, but I have problems because I use and external USB soundcard, so Alsa it's no working. It's not possibile to have a script in standanlone that if he found PA, he use instead something different?
  12. My personal congratulation to all the crew for this INCREDIBLE release standalone 2.0. GREAT! :-D

  13. Normally I don't like console-controllers (for me mouse+keyboard rules, I like bindind), but this one it's really interesting, and can make the difference.
  14. I hate Steam, but I see that now they are pretty serious abbout this project: http://store.steampowered.com/livingroom/SteamOS/ It's interesting that the OS will be completely free and open, for ever, and you don't need their HW if you don't want. Not bad.
  15. Valve CEO say:"Linux is the Future of gaming"

  16. => http://code.google.com/p/flac2all/ This video exlain the results:
  17. LOL, funny! And very professional audio, bravo Mortem!
  18. I don't like too a store always accessibile by menu, I never said that. I said only that sometimes a live shop in game can be really interesting for some different gameplay in a mission. I mentioned the T2 mission of Sterlino "Horn of Canzo", that's a great example of what I mean. Shopping *before* game, IMHO, if it's not related with some strong clue in the story of the text briefing (you remember when you can buy a map, o some text tips to enter in a manor in classic Thief missions), or some interesting cause for the gameplay, it's not useful. That's why a lot of times (not always) I don't like to buy equiment before a mission, and normally I like a mission where you have to find in game your tools to progress. The ancient romans said: "De gustibus non disputandum est" :-D
  19. I'm not totally versus with the idea of the shop before the game, but for the gameplay it sometimes (IMHO) it's annoying. I have to choose in advance if I need 3 rope arrow, rather then 5, or if it's better to buy more water arrow, or some mines. Sometimes I'd like to choose *in* the game, not before the mission, when i cannot know what I need. Choose the right tools, before, it's not a game skill, IMHO. Of course if a mission it's well made, you can find these tools in game. This is the first point. The second point is if it's possible to stimulate some new gameplay by using it (the gold) live in some way *in* the mission. An example, as said: I remember the Sterlino's mission (Horn of Canzo) where it was a must to search every piece of gold hidden in the first part of the map (a cavern and a little with waterfall), to buy in the shop the equipement needed to make a progression in the map. Great idea, great gameplay, IMHO, because otherwise I would never grabbed all the gold.
  20. I understand your opinion, and it's absolutely true that it can be really artificial to have a shop with a mono-location map (generally speaking, any not big map). It's really strange also that a thief uses a shop to buy stuff with gold rather then be a thief :-D But in gameplay logic, I see that having shop *before* a mission, as it is now (and the concept was as is in the first Thief), it's *really* artificial too, and normally I hate to buy equipement when I don't know what I really need in the mission. A live shop justify also *why* in the game we need to grab gold and jewelry, IE to buy some stuff that it's needed to have a progression in the game itself. It can be used to have some really interesting story and gameplay, IMHO. I agree it's really challenging, but as you say, only good maps can make a demonstration.
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